Sorry, I’m Back

Notice the picture in the background of this high quality literary work? You see the whole thing in this post. The picture is over 10 years old and one of my favorites. The beach is called Bahai El Coyote (Coyote Bay) and is south of Mulege on the Sea Of Cortez in the state of Baja Sur, Mexico.
We spent one night here in the spring of 2002, while on our way back from a winter in Cabo San Lucas.
Many of the RV’s you see had been dry camping here for the past 4 or 5 months. Every day a local farmer came through selling produce, and once a week or so a couple of the guys would get together and make a run into Mulege, probably 20 miles up the road to pick up beer and other, much less important supplies. Spear guns were all they needed to catch enough fish for dinner.

I hope to go back there someday, although this time I would like to count the length of our stay in the area by weeks, not days.

After working my little heiny off for the past week I am now off until next Thursday. I think I could be on to something. It feels like I may have found the sweet spot!

Before you ask, business is just fine. Their sales are up again this year over last and based on my week at work, it looks like I’ll be back sipping the premium beer just like before. I get an interesting perspective, stepping in and stepping out like that. And I enjoy doing what I do. What do I do you ask? I talk to interesting people all day, often about RV’s. And here’s the neat part; for that Sicard RV  puts money in our bank account.  Which is kind of handy because believe it or not our investments haven’t done quite what they were supposed to over the past few years.

Anyway, it’s an interesting business and so far I’m glad I’m back.

Oh: and you are thinking about a new RV, please come and see (maybe you should call first to make sure I’m there). I really need the commissions. The Canadian prices of premium beer are just brutal.

Thank you for the read.


4 thoughts on “Sorry, I’m Back

  1. glad your glad your back 🙂 you are good at the job…so I’m sure you make a great difference in their sales…

  2. I would imagine that selling RVs would be heaps of fun. I’d probably forget that people were interested, and just sit there and enjoy myself. I’m a bit simple that way.

    Now all they (Sicards) have to do it update their website. I’m happy they’ve “sold” all those units, but we (OK, maybe I ) need to see some different inventory.

    And you might mention to whomever does the spelling on the site that Bob Tiffin would quite likely be upset that they’re getting his name wrong (it’s not ‘Tiffan’, after all) and that the Blue Bird product is a “Wanderlodge”, although I suppose some folks might “wonder”, at the thing.
    And yes, spelling counts.
    Just sayin’.

    Have fun.

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