Sore And Tired

I don’t know whether it was the two hour bike ride in the morning or all the action at our first offical Pickle Ball lesson in the afternoon, but last night I was dad-ass tired and  I swear  every muscle in my body was sore.
However, after a good night’s sleep I can report that the bike ride, while good exercise, was most relaxing and the pickle ball lesson was educational and a lot of fun. They had the sweet pickles (ladies) and the sour pickles (guys) just whacking that ball back and forth with huge enthusiasm. Fortunately, none of us geezers suffered a gherkin.

That’s all well and good Larry; but what’s with the socks?

The Lululemon socks are a gift from my daughter. They come marked L & R. I wore them for the first time yesterday and they remind me of a summer when we lived back in Langley BC. One Sunday I was sitting on our patio chatting  with Marilyn  while she was doing her nails. It looked like so much fun that I did a couple of my own. On my big toes, in bright colors, I painted an “L” and a “R” on the proper digits.

We were on our way to a patio party so I dressed in my shorts and sandals and off we went. The toes were certainly a conversation piece. Short conversations. Extremely short! I would meet folks, and they would try so hard not to look at my feet.  Sooner or later when they just couldn’t stand it any longer, they would  ask about my strangely marked extremities. I replied that since I had done that not  once had I put my shoes on the wrong feet. They would smile weakly and quickly move off to talk to someone more sane than I. That nail polish lasted for weeks and I wore my sandals every time I could. I still love sandals…….No, maybe not!

Cookin’ With The Vanstones

It seems like almost every day Marilyn discovers new and delicious recipes. Yesterday she had some left over pork roast we were to clean up. The question was how? She grabs her trusty tablet and searches our go-to-recipe site, All for pork recipes and comes with  Apple and Pork Stew.

I acted as sous-chef and cut up the potatoes, carrots, pork and apple. I also tasted the red wine to make sure it was, in fact, red wine. She did her magic and it was amazing and delicious. It was so good I temporarily forgot I was sore and tired. You gotta try it! I guarantee you’ll love it.If you don’t like it I’m going to send my friend Vinny over and you two are going to have a little chat. Then you’ll love it for sure.

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”
?    W.C. Fields

3 thoughts on “Sore And Tired

  1. Good eye George! We just wanted to add some color and clean up the fridge a bit. You know, one task, two results.

  2. Hm, I’ve used “all” a few times. Lots of good ideas. Once in a while a little “out there”, but just the same.
    I’d vote for the Pickle ball in the “feeling like you’ve been run over by a bus” department.

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