Sonoma County: Thanks A Bunch

This morning we pack up, leave and move about 100 miles down the road to spend Thanksgiving with Marilyn’s sister and husband in Sacramento.
But before we go, we’ve got some serious Thankin to do:

We have had a great time here in this area of California and I’ll bet that someday we’ll be back again. While we were here we visited about a dozen of the little towns and villages around Santa Rosa including Sebastopol, Guernville, Sonoma and many more. We’ve driven the highways and the streets of these areas, walked the sidewalks and tramped the trails.

We’ve had great sandwiches and lattes in unique little coffee shops. We’ve even sampled a few glasses of wine, some that made us go “Wow”! We’ve seen the scenery, chatted with the folks and as you can tell we’ve had a great time.
While doing all that, I’ve polished the motorhome, got some repairs done on the truck, learned more about my new camera and watched Marilyn almost complete a new painting (remember the waterfall near Lincoln City?).

So now it’s down the road to Sacramento for two or three days with Donna and Dave.

After that, we are seriously heading south. We’re going to turn down the temperature in the beer fridge and go find us some serious heat. I mean “Get out the Bikinis Dear, it’s hot out there” kind of heat.
Don’t worry, we won’t do pictures. We can all be thankful for that. And just in case I don’t talk to you before:

Happy Thanksgiving Day Everyone.

2 thoughts on “Sonoma County: Thanks A Bunch

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys too. Enjoy the holiday and hope you find some hot weather, we did for now.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mar also…hope you have a super visit..sounds like your having a super time so far !!! Be safe out there…

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