Some Days!!

So it’s Friday night, we are sitting in Blythe Island Regional Park in southern Georgia. Things aren’t going too well today. We had some problems with our drive shaft disconnect this morning in Charleston, SC, called back to Sicards and Bob K was able to help us out. We arrive here and our problems seem to be continuing. The drive shaft will not reconnect, so our beloved “fruck” will get towed away tomorrow unless we come up with better plan over a couple of beers tonite. The bad news is that Marlyn is the mechnical genius of this dynamic duo so you have to assume there are no magic fixes in our near future.We have internet for the first time since we left, but can’t get our Vonage to work. I called them to sort it out, estimated 15 minute wait on a cell phone that is quickly using up the 250 North America minutes we paid dearly for.

Thankyou, I really feel better already. sometimes you just have to vent!

The reality is that if we spent the next 3 weeks of our life in this park we would love it all.We are having a great time and have a ton of neat stories to tell you when we download the pictures. This one I gotta share now: Tuesday night we were in Dobson, North Carolina at “Pop n Moms” Campground. We are listening to the radio, the Blue Mountain Bluegrass radio station (really neat music station). The lead item on the local news is that last Friday ( so 4 days ago) some one killed two goats with a paint ball gun. We are obviously not near Toronto anymore.

We’ll talk again.