So That’s What they Think Of Me

So last night was Festivus, our third annual.

When we hit the road to mexico the first time (two  years ago) we wanted to get the family all together to celebrate Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and all the other important dates we missed while we were gone.

It was such a great event that last year we did it again.

Last night was numger 3 and I’m thinking it just might have been the best ever.

For those who aren’t up to date with the Festivus concept, here’s how it works:

A week or two before the event we draw names. Everybody buys one gift, maximum value $30.00, for who ever’s name they drew. We all bring  a favorite dish and maybe a suitable beverage and we commence to party.

That picture above is what my eldest son Darren gave me.

Now, if you study the picture you would think my favorite topic  is beer . You would also think that I really enjoy tasting different beers. If that’s what you thought you would be dead right on both counts. I do like beer and I certainly enjoy tasting many different beers. All in all, a perfect gift wouldn’t you say.

Conincidentally, I drew James’s name . My gift to him was also an assortment of  Ontrario beers. 

We had so much fun at Festivus we think we should  Have Festivus II when we meet up with Tracy, Mike and the kids in Edmonton.

I hate to brag, but here’s a shot of our Toronto “kids”

Starting from the left, our daughter-in-law  Sherry, my son Darren. You’ve all met the little guy, Aiden, his mom Elizabeth with our son Jason. Then our future son-in-law James and daughter Pam

5 thoughts on “So That’s What they Think Of Me

  1. First off, great TO family photo Larry.
    Secondly, you guys pull off Festivus (again and again) like no one else that I know….my friends wouldn’t have a clue what a great festivity like this is!!
    You guys are leaving soon and we will miss you… wishing you the best on your trip…may God be with you and oversee save roads along the way.

    Pat, Brian & Korki (the rumour cat)

  2. Great picture and it looks like you guys have finished some samples.
    Have a safe drive and we hope to meet you in Mexico
    Leo and Emmy.

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