So Long Arizona

I know I told you a couple of days ago we would be on the road yesterday but it’s just too darned nice here. We couldn’t rush away. I’ve mentioned the blue sky, add in the everyday highs in the mid 80’s and a really nice park with a great pool and hot tubs, it was all just too much to leave, so we decided to stay another day. This morning though, the jacks are coming up and the slides are coming in. Tonight we will be in Silver City New Mexico or at least closer to it.

The picture you see above is out back of a restaurant/bar called Fillys in Apache Junction. Glen and Myrna brought us here for dinner one night and told us that usually there were a few horses tied up at the hitchin rail, their riders in for a cool one. Usually, but not that day. So for a “farewell Arizona” drink we brought Bob and Marjorie over yestersay afternoon.
Out front and along the sides are work trucks, farm trucks, fancy trucks, really fancy cars and a whole lot of shiny Harley’s but out back it’s all about the horses. We were just finishing our beers when a couple of young cow girls, come out of the bar, mount up and head off into the desert. There was however, no sign of John Wayne.
We arrived in Arizona in mid January. Other than a couple of days back in California we have been here for almost two months. We’ve had our jacks down in Quartzite, Yuma, Lake Havasu, Salome, Tempe, Apache Junction, Coolidge, Amado and Gold Canyon. At every stop we have had a ball.
Thanks Arizona

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