So Good

Greetings from San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.

We crossed the border at Nogales about 7:30 yesterday morning and arrived here at Totonaka RV Park in San Carlos at about 3:30.

First I need to tell you that the desert  is as desolate, the roads as narrow and bumpy and the government workers at km 22 (Import & Tourist Cards) are even slower and more frustrating than I recall. I also better mention that the people are just as friendly, have smiles at least as big, the sky is a gorgeous blue and the air is welcoming and warm.

It is oh so good to be back!

Back in July we thought long and hard about not coming down this year “because of all the violence”. Without a word of a lie, we have  had thousands of  people tell us how dangerous things would be. I thank you all for your concern for our safety. I am so glad that reason and common sense prevailed, we have followed our original plan and we are here. The word “HOME” is taken, that one belongs to Canada but let me tell you; that word popped up in my thoughts a few dozen times yesterday as we made our way down the highway. I guess we will call Mexico “our second home”.

We will sit and savour  here for today and tomorrow we will head off for Stone Island, arriving at Tres Amigos later on Tuesday. Or at least that’s the plan at this point.

I’d love to stay and talk, but I gotta get the dogs hooked up and get outside.

I am being called out; by Mexico

5 thoughts on “So Good

  1. Hola Larry, Marilyn & fellow travelers,

    Very eloquently put. We feel the same way…Stone Island is Home to us and we feel very safe here. We’re all looking forward to your arrival….it’s like family coming home. Enjoy the rest of your journey…the roads in Sinaloa get better.

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