Snow Birds Of A Feather

Snowbirds of a feather

Snowbirds of a feather

All of these folks have one thing in common and no, it’s not our criminal  records. Maybe if you met them it would help you figure out why we’re flocked together:

In the back row, from the left, there’s Gerri and her hubby Doug, another Doug and his wife Bonnie, Claude and Lorraine, Bob and Cec, Brian and Pat.
In the front row from the left say hello to Colette, John, Marilyn and finally your loyal reporter, me.

Any guesses? Give up?

We’ve all camped at Fifty Point Correction Area Conservation area. Some of us for up to 6 months a year, some for a few days, spring and fall every year, some others for just a few days.
Thanks to Mark for snapping the picture. He and his wife Chris haven’t been to 50 Point yet, but I think we have them thinking. Everyone is welcome at 50 Point. They let us in didn’t they?

These folks pray for a strong breeze

IMAG0248.jpgI mentioned that we love to ride our bikes at Tanglewood and when we are out riding we often see the Remote Control Sailing club practicing their craft in one of the park lakes. These folks, all guys except for Bonnie Gould who you were introduced to in the group picture above not only race their boats they can control the rudder and the sails, that’s all, speed is up to the breeze and the operators skill a lot of them built their boats in the park woodwork shop.

RC Sailing Club

RC Sailing Club

“I can’t control the wind but I can adjust the sail.”
Ricky Skaggs

Thanks for dropping by. Loved having you. See you again tomorrow?

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  1. Its getting so I notice a lot of detail these days. some call being picky. In your picture there appears to be just 11 true “snow birds”, plus 3 young chickens whose feathers have not yet changed color! I understand Marilyn and Cec; but could it be you brought some Grecian formula across the border with you? ;<)

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