WordPress FOR Dummies

I admit it, I am a slow learner. Remember, Thanks to Jason’s help I started this thing on Christmas day 2007 and have been looking for this book ever since. I had a copy in my hands back in January but there was a huge difference in the Canadian and American retail price. At this particular point our dollar was worth more than the US dollar. A lot PO’d, I put the book down vowing to pick one up when we “Got to the States”. You know what happened next. I checked 3 different bookstores in our travels in the US but no luck. On Monday in Toronto this time I checked 2 bookstores with no luck. Finally, the light came on. As soon as we got home I fired up the computer, went to Amazon.ca and ordered the book. That was Monday, Tuesday there was an email saying it had been shipped, this is Wednesday, I came home from the bike ride, checked the mail and Voila! I am reading my very own copy of WordPress for Dummies Is that 3 months? From December 25 to March 26? Was that 2 days? From Monday afternoon til Wednesday afternoon? Alright, alright, sometimes it takes me a while, but I finally get it. At my Dale Carnegie classes a few years ago they called that “Delayed Intelligence”. “WordPress for Dummies” Obviously I got the right title.