Shrimp Boats Is A Coming


Welcome to Palacios Texas, home to the most shrimp boats of any port on the Texas gulf coast, 2nd most of any port on the entire US gulf coast, close to 450 boats they tell us. And here’s our early morning view out our windshield here in the Serendipity Bay RV Resort and Marina.

Unfortunately though, other than a nice RV Park, amazing shrimp and a funky pub called the Outrigger Pub and Grill, there’s not really much here. In fact, in conversation we had with Wayne, one of the owners last night over a couple of cool ones and some amazing shrimp he said ” I promise you, you can go down to the main street tomorrow at noon, lay in the middle of the street and have a snooze. You will never get hit by a car or truck or even barked at by a dog”

Quiet, Right? I’ll tell you how quiet it is: they’ve moved the high school and the city offices out to the highway. I always thought that if you wanted to just go hide from the world Mexico would be your spot, but you could do it here without a word of spanish.
Having said all that, we are really enjoying the town and the people. We just went for about a two hour bike ride on the tandem this morning, and never once had to worry about traffic.

Thanks for the read.