Should We Change Our Name?

compact snow on trail in woodend park

Why don’t you lead the way on the “hardwood trail” in Woodend Park?


We hook up the dog, hop in the car and head out to Woodend Conservation Area. It’s an above freezing morning with a big beautiful blue sky and a strong, bold sun reflecting diamonds off the snow. We find a path they’ve run a snow machine over so the snow is packed  but no icy spots to slip us up and break our mature bones (just our bones, not Marilyn or me, we’re still kids).

strange looking tree

Should we call this one “the confused tree?”


Back to our name:

Most days our phones tell us we walk close to 10,000 steps, so should we be changing our last name to Walkers? But then we would have to get a new web address, the “amazing walkers”. Would we be .com, .net, .ca or dot crazy? Or maybe we just wouldn’t be amazing anymore.

you thought that tree was weird. What about this trail marker? What’s it mean? Look out for older bearded lady ahead on trail, maybe?


Maybe we’ll stick with Vanstones!

Sometimes I like to photo black and white. Guess what color the sky is. And  the snow?



The other day we watched a short video of Marilyn painting a picture of a red poppy and I promised another.

The picture is done. It’s signed, it’s on her Etsy site. She is now working on another project so stay tuned for that. And what am I doing? Just banging away on this poor old keyboard, putting in time until happy hour, that’s all.

Here’s my lady’s art:

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Don’t eat yellow snow” Larry

2 thoughts on “Should We Change Our Name?

  1. Family folklore suggests Marilyn’s side of the family changed their name once to avoid a Horse Stealing conviction in Spain. Best you stick with the name you have or a relative may feel compelled to send the RCMP to investigate. Have a great day and keep walking.

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