Short Story


As I see it, here’s what happened: a mature guy who should know better gets a little sloppy with his cholesterol and blood pressure meds. As time goes by, he and his wife are out enjoying nature every day, hiking their butts off, and as a result his knees get sore. Now he adds  Aleve or Ibuprofen to lessen the pain.  Time goes on and he gets a horrendous cold. As he gets sicker and sicker he self-medicates with cold meds and cough syrups.

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what a horrible picture! Those colours are not even close


Our hero is unaware that each of these very consumer friendly, over-the-counter medications  causes a severe run up of his blood pressure making he, his wife and his doctors think he is having a stroke. His new-found neurologist friend congratulates him on doing such an excellent job of creating his very own “extreme high blood pressure event” and almost killing himself.

Fortunately  our guy does no permanent damage to himself or his body.

The end

11 thoughts on “Short Story

  1. Wow, you sure did do “an excellent job….”. Sounds like you are a very lucky “hero”! Nice to now have the explanation so you can avoid doing that again. Also warnings to all of your friends. Best advice given me was to always check with your pharmacist before purchasing any over-the-counter meds. They are your safest source and they are free! lol

  2. Larry,
    I recommend against use of Aleve in large quantity or prolonged duration. It may cause kidney damage. Documented fact.
    Wish you well.

  3. Hi Alan. I understand the story behind Aleve. It does a good job with the pain though. That’s why the Ibuprofen. I took it more regularly

  4. Thanks George. And thanks for reinforcing the main point, that over the counter meds are not harmless.

  5. You have shared a very important story with your friends. For many of us over the counter drugs are something we do not consider dangerous but obviously they can become the Perfect Storm given the right conditions. Thanks for sharing this info and so glad you are okay.

  6. Thanks Sheila. I”m going to be fine. In fact I just finished my first day of work. Worked til 3 and then said “I’m going home for a snooze”.

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