She’s Working My B*** Off

Monday it said Foot Loose Tr. Tuesday it said Rt Esool Toof. How do they do that?

Monday it said Foot Loose Tr. Tuesday it said Rt Esool Toof. How do they do that?

Yesterday started out much like the day before, with a bike ride around the park , same as Monday only backwards.

I don’t mean backwards as in we rode our bikes backwards, however  I  do admit I did try that. My bike has more than 20  different gears, but not even one of them says R for Reverse. Anyway, I tried but I kept falling off. I skinned my knees. I skinned my elbows, I even skinned my nose.
In the end we decided we would do all left turns compared to Monday’s only making right turns around the park. That one difference gives you a whole different perspective. Signs that called a street Foot Loose Tr on a left turn cycle became Rt Esool Toof on the right turn tour Tuesday. I’m pretty sure that second phrase is french  but I’m not sure what it means. I think maybe it’s a food group like egg foo yung (try that one backwards).

World famous writer tries world famous painter's Nexus 7 tablet

World famous writer tries world famous painter’s Nexus 7 tablet

After the bike ride Marilyn went back to work on her latest painting while I, for the very first time ever, used her tablet to sit in the shade in a  comfy zero gravity chair and write. I see a tablet in my future!

But we were not finished the exercise yet, not a chance!

Pool at Tanglewood Out of the chair for lunch, then off to the pool for a swim.  That day reminds me of that old saying No rest for the wicked!  But it’s all fun right?

I did sneak a snooze in the sun before putting in about twenty laps in the pool. It’s a large clean pool with warm but still refreshing water.

Cookin With The Vanstones

Sweet and Spicy chicken wings

Sweet and Spicy chicken wings

She did it again! Last nights feast included Sweet and Spicy barbecued wings with broccoli coleslaw. Once again thanks to for the inspiration.

Four big wings and a little salad do not a dinner make. So, before we snuggled in for a movie on the big TV we headed out to DQ. It was time we shared a Blizzard.
That’s my story, thanks for the read.

“I did not become a vegetarian for my health, I did it for the health of the chickens.”
?    Isaac Bashevis Singer