Shaw Direct Turns Off USA And Mexico?

Last year Canadian satellite service provider Bell ExpressVu pulled the plug on their Canadian subscribers who used their service in the USA when, without notice, they re-aligned their signal further north.

Hundreds of Canadian snowbirds who had watched their Bell satellites for years in their southern winter hideouts quickly reacted by buying Shaw Direct so they didn’t miss their Canadian news and hockey games. As of June 1 of this year, the other shoe dropped when Shaw also re-aligned their satellite foot print. Now their signal too fades away a few hours south of the US-Canada border.

We get all the Canadian TV we need here in southern Ontario off the TV antenna so we had turned our Shaw signal off for the summer with plans of turning it back on in October when we headed south. Needless to say, after hearing the news, we are no longer Shaw subscribers. What will we do for Canadian news when we head south you ask? I guess there is always the internet. Maybe I will finally get around to subscribing to a Canadian newspaper. Or maybe I just don’t care. Maybe our politicians will have to screw up without me.

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  1. We managed just fine the whole time we were in Austria without “Canadian News”. Isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron?
    Only time I was wishing for some sort of TV was during the Canada/US hockey game (Olympics) other than that, there was always the internet.

  2. no news is good news so we really don’t need the news..I log onto the local newspaper for any news I may need…we were bell subscribers also…this past winter we set up with direct TV and had no problems what so ever…I shut it down on vacation hold and bring the equipment with us when we return back to canada…and will re activate it upon our return to the south in the fall…

  3. thanks for the info…….will have to consider something else this fall and winter

  4. I so wanted to tell you you are very very wrong but after 4.5 hours on the phone with Shaw and 4 different people I got the same bottom line. I was told at one point that we could still get the first 2 satellites that we are receiving now and not the new HD channels on the 3rd satellite but as of May 30th there was a new ruling by the CTRC and even that will be no longer. Shaw has not been paying the USA to broadcast there and so no more Shaw in the US or Mexico.

    I do have a wicked plan to still get Shaw further south but my brain is fried for today and I need some vino to revive it. Stay tuned here and on my blog for details in a few days or so.

  5. Well there we go again. Glad we did not invest in Shaw equipment. Guess Dish TV will be the winner on this one.

  6. There are 2 things here:

    1) Shaw did intend for us to still receive the current programming on the existing 2 satellites as we now have but…..

    2 Just recently ( and why is this not in the news, ?) the CTRC has decided that Shaw is no longer allowed to broadcast at all in the US because they are not paying for the right to do so.

    So we the consumer are stuck….unless I can work something out……give me time!!

  7. Larry, you are just a bundle of joyfull information this moring.
    You got to be kidding. A couple of years ago we were on Telus (Bell) and heard that we could get the service in in California. So we invested in the system, drove the dish and everything down there and had it installed. It worked for a year when they re-aligned their satelites. We returned the receivers to Telus as we were renting them. We then read in your blog that Bell had re-aligned the satelite and that we no longer had service inCalifornia. We switched last year to Shaw – Home away from home. We bought another bigger dish, had it transported down there, we bought 3 receivers, 2 for here and one for there. We have been cursing the system as it is no were near as good as Bell, and the BC network channels are not in HD, only Eastern – but we have lived with it so that we can see it in Califirnia.
    So now, here we are having invested in 3 receivers, 2 dishes, installation cost in California, over $600 in instalation cost here at home last month to get a switch put in and rewiring of the wires as we are in the middle of renovating our family room. I figure total cost is almost $2,500. Now I just want to throw the whole thing out. I am calling Shaw.

  8. Damn CRTC…For us, Shaw Direct has provided excellent service response anytime I contacted them ….cheaper than Bell too. Will likely use Comcast when back in the States…no contract required and 4G internet!!!

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  10. I have done much more research, too much to copy here, details on my blog. Essentially is looks like we can still get Shaw Direct, just not officially.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention Larry.

  11. You cannot get a straight answer from Shaw. I called CRTC and they tell me they have nothing to do with this. It is a Shaw decision. I believe they want to start double billing for your systems. Do not give them your phone number or account number when talking to them. If you do your putting a flag on your account.

  12. I’m in Mexico at the moment (Chapala) &, so far, all is working normally on my 530 with HD… (June 20-13)

  13. Cabo San Lucas here, Shaw satellite/shaw direct works fine. What are you talking about? Been using it here for over 4 years, as do thousands of other Canadians here. If there was an alignment, it didn’t affect Mexico. So you’re wrong.

  14. Shaw direct indicates they have received orders not to accept any further subscriptions for use outside of Canada. They also indicate that as of June 1st no signals outside Canada should be functional. If you are still receiving signal from Shaw, I am puzzled and the only explanation is the fact that some Shaw personnel are giving wrong information. I think all old subscribers will continue receiving their signal but no new receivers sold will be able to pick-up Shaw signal outside of Canada

  15. Still works in greensboro NC so far. I hope this does not affect me since i just swaped over everthing from Bell Express Vu last year

  16. I also switched from Bell to Shaw last fall to have Canadian news and hockey in Florida. Went there in June and found Shaw signal working but my guide was not working so called Shaw who at anytime I needed something were very helpful but this time got the cold shoulder and was totally shut down within minutes. Leaving Shaw also and havent paid anything since I came back from Florida and not planning on it either. I will send their junk back but it will be collect.

  17. People need to stop saying this is a CRTC ruling. I suspect Shaw is saying this but the fact is that the CRTC does not regulate what is being broadcast in the U.S. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), however, does regulate this.

  18. We only went to Shaw satellite because they offered a package for down south. So I guess we will be the next snow birds to fly the Shaw Coop at home and away.

  19. I have been watching this thread for a while now, and it looks like we are going to lose out as Canadian Snowbirds wanting Satellite from back home. I have been using Shaw for a number of years while traveling South of the border, so it will missed for sure. The resorts we stay at don’t have adequate Wi-Fi service to do any live-streaming.

    Anyway, I guess we are one of the lucky ones; we were planning on putting a dish up on the roof as we were tired of messing around with the portable. Glad we didn’t, but a number of our traveling friends went ahead and installed the units. I personally will be dumping my away from home package; I have already moved over to Telus Optical and it works just fine.

    That is my MOAN for the week; from Langley B.C.

  20. Hi,, I just bought an new traveller dish for my motor home in the winter. I was in Kalispel last week and was only able to get channels 300 and up on my shaw dish. Seems funny some people further south seem to be getting it. Anyone have an answer for that. ;;;; bob

  21. Anyone know what is going on with Shaw Direct. We winter in Mulege Baja California Sur and my husband phoned Shaw in June and they said that in another month or so the foot print of the satellites will be shortened and we will not be able to get any signal south of the border. I was wondering if anyone out there in the Mulege area has lost their service as of yet. We are heading down in November and were wondering if we should take our dish and receiver or just try and get on with Direct tv in the states., Only problem is they require a larger dish 6 ft. in that area, and where to get one is a problem. Any info would be appreciated.

  22. Anyone know of a alternative system to get Canadian hockey and programming south of the border other than streaming on the internet ?
    We were just about to switch to Shaw when we heard the news.


  23. Jist bought a motorhome with a satellite dish mounted on the roof. We are currently with Telus but know we can’t receive their signal in the USA. Was about to switch everything over to Shaw but after reading some of these blogs, think it wise to pay Telus their 10 bucks a month to cancel and put on hold (til we get back to Canada) and subscribe to one of the US satellite companies once we get settled in Calif for 5 months.
    Any comments on this idea ?

  24. I think ( my personal opinion) you are going to be just fine with Shaw in the US and Mexico. Their official line is “you may be able to get their signal south of the border but if you have a problem we won’t be able to service you”. I think that’s code for “you better not tell us you are in the US when you call in with an issue”. Bell played that game for 20 years and it worked well for them.

  25. Like others, I invested in 2 systems recently to use while in Northern California (replacing my Bell expressvu systems). Didn’t hear about the discontinuance of the “home away” until after I bought… and too late to return the units 🙁 I’m not having any success setting it up. It’s behaving like my Bell did after the footprint was shortened.

    Can anyone in California confirm they are still getting signal?

  26. There is an incredible amount of misinformation about this.
    First, Shaw now has a third satellite G1 which has a footprint designed just to cover Canada. You also need a new LNB at the dish to receive G1. The coverage of the existing two Shaw satellites has not changed (and can’t unless they send someone up to the satellite to reorient all the feed horns!). What Shaw is doing is the following:
    1. They won’t support anyone outside Canada any longer. Actually they should NEVER have supported anyone outside Canada because they are not licensed to provide service. This change in policy has NOTHING to do with the FCC in the U.S., or Shaw paying to be allowed to provide service there (they have never legally been allowed to provide service). Shaw is just following a rule that has been there all along, but they have ignored.
    2. If you have a Shaw installation in Canada and another on your motor home, or at your home in the South, and you get the LNB in Canada upgraded so you can get the new satellite, your motor home install won’t work properly because all the receivers on your account will get the new channel map that only works with the new LNB.
    3. If you don’t have a home installation in Canada, just a motorhome or a southern home, nothing has changed. The signals are exactly the same now as they were two months ago. People in California, Texas and Mexico, or driving their motorhomes around the U.S., are still watching TV from Shaw. BUT if you have any problems you won’t be able to talk to Shaw. If you tell them you are outside Canada, they won’t talk to you and might easily switch your service off. As someone posted, this is no different than the situation with Bell before they launched their new satellites which don’t cover the South.
    4. So what about the future? At some point, Shaw will launch new satellites which almost certainly won’t provide signals in the south. When? Based on the expected life of the current satellites, that’s going to be sometime after 2016.

    If you are quiet, just pay your bill in Canada, don’t call Shaw about anything, could you lose service before 2016 (or later)? I suspect not, Shaw would have to do something very dramatic from a technology perspective to make this happen and it would be very expensive for them.

  27. So does this mean we the snowbirds will all shut down for 6 months of the year been with you many years so disappointed. Dale McColl

  28. To Nicko: Thanks for an excellent explanation. However I’m not sure I fully understand paragraph 2. We did get the upgraded LNB and receiver at our house in Canada. Didn’t de-activate the old receiver. We plan to keep it current (over the 30 days) by connecting it up for a period before we head south. Am I correct then, in understanding that the old receiver plus the old LNB should work in our residence down south?

  29. Both Shaw Direct and Bell are still viewable in most parts of the USA, however they have reorientated their satellite footprint so the standard sized dishes that work well in Canada 60-75cm oval will no longer be sufficient for many southern areas. For the western half of the USA, anything more than a few hours from the border, including oregon california, arizona etc will now need at least a 90cm dish or larger. The farther south you go, the bigger your dish needs to be. Fortunately both Shaw and Bell offer 90cm dishes for subscribers in Yukon, NWT and Nunavut. However, if your location requires larger than this, you will likely need a 2 dish solution of 120cm round dish x 2 and a compatible switch that connect the 2 dishes and combine them. This is only if you want HD programming. If you don’t need it, then a single dish pointed to Anik F1 and F1R will do.

    Visit here to see the satellite footprint. Also available are the ones for Anik f2, G1 and the Nimiq satellites for Bell.

    This is no different than americans needing bigger dishes to watch Directv programming North of the Border.

  30. Lots of misundrrstandings in this last pos. tNo, Shaw has not reoriented anything. For that matter, neither has Bell. What Bell did ,some while ago, is replaced older satellites with new satellites whose footprint was focused further north and so people in much of the USA could not receive them. Now Shaw has launched a satellite (Anik G1) which similarly has its footprint oriented further north. The coverage of the existing Anik F1R and F2 has NOT changed (and can’t, because the transmitter antennas are fixed). That means that if you are in the South, and you are willing to live without the new HD locals on G1, nothing has changed as far as signals are concerned. They are still the same strength, and receivable with the same dishes. And that won’t change until new satellites are launched to replace Anik F1R and F2. See my post above.
    What has changed is first the Home away from Home program, which no longer allows two locations for one account fee on the same account. And second, Shaw will no longer support installations outside Canada. As I posted, they should never have done that anyway since their license only covers delivery of signals to people in Canada. But that does not mean the systems will not work.

  31. For fgp. The answer is , it depends. Receivers connected to the new LNB need a new stack plan that is downloaded to the receiver. To the extent there is a policy, Shaw is supposedly going to make every receiver on an account have the same stack plan. If your “spare” receiver gets the new stack plan, involving the G1 satellite, , it won’t work with the old LNB. That’s because under the new policy, there should not be receivers connected to different LNBs, they should all be at the same location, unless you pay for a second account (at a reduced rate).. But some people have reported they were able to get just a few of their receivers updated to the new LNB and others remained on the old one. I don’t know whether this was an accident, or if you can ask for this. Personally I doubt it, I suspect that going to the new LNB at your home location will update all the receivers to the new stack plan so that will be a big problem for you. Try it and see.

  32. I will be returning to Arizona in October and hope to start Shaw back up from my holiday stop. I always have to contact Shaw to refresh my signal. Will I be able to do this if I tell them I am in Canada?

  33. If you are using a canadian cellphone, you can call them. Assuming your account is set up for online access, you can probably do it from there also, although it’s possible for their system to see you are out of Canada.
    Or just do it before you leave.

  34. I am heading to Arizona October 14th, and my plan is to set up my dish 1st week of October, in Canada, then call Shaw to activate my dormant account and get both circuits (pvr) up and running prior to leaving Canada. That way, hopefully, I won’t have to deal with Shaw at all from down South.

  35. I just had my account re-activated on Sept. 27. I phoned Shaw to check on this and they told me that it was good to go. I also asked if I might need to reboot or get help when I get back to Arizona. I was told that I should never tell them I am not in Canada as they are not allowed to help anyone outside of Canada. I will be in ARizona in a few days and will let you know if things are working.

  36. Call in with Skype if you absolutely must. They won’t know where you are calling from. I also just activated my account; I told them nothing, and they asked me nothing.

  37. Asking nothing and telling nothing is the right thing to do. They are not allowed knowingly to deal with anyone outside Canada….

  38. Very useful info Nikko. I was a Starchoice customer years ago, and have now been an expressvu customer for many years, but never used it in the states. I was intending to switch to back to Shaw in Canada, as I understood that there was still a way to get Shaw in California, where we now have a place. I actually have an old Starchoice (now Shaw) receiver which was never activated. Is there a way to sign up in Canada and use the old receiver in the US to access the old satellite? thanks for your help.

  39. Sorry this is a little late. When I got to Arizona, I had to do a refresh on my receiver. I did it on-line and it took only a few seconds and my dish was up and running. Friends of mine tried refreshing on-line but it did not work. They called Shaw Direct and they did the refresh for them. Everything is working fine now, for them as well. Shaw didn’t ask where they were calling from and no details were given. So we ARE getting Canadian TV in Arizona and hope it will continue for many years.

  40. I’m watching this thread with interest. We’re Canadians who’ve been living in the
    US for the last 5 years, and now have bought a home in the Phoenix area (Goodyear
    AZ). I am very, very tempted to get a Shaw setup so I can get my fix of Canadian TV.

  41. Thanks, Larry, I’m hoping so. Is there a list somewhere of which channels are on the G1 satellite (which I understand is difficult/impossible to pick up down here in AZ) as opposed to which channels are on F1R and F2 (which I understand are easy to pick up here with a 90 cm dish or dishes)?

  42. Nicko. Got to Arizona and tried hooking up NEW ESSENTIAL HD 600 RECEIVER to our old LNB/dish. Nothing. Got a little green square just before the signal strength bar on the “Tune In Satellite Signal” window. Booklet says even with an un aligned dish we should get some indication of signal on the bar. Are we hooped because we got the new reciever before we left Canada?

  43. What channel are you tuning in to? Is this a new, never activated receiver? Has the dish at your canadian location (if you have one) been updated with the new LNB.

  44. Channel 299. No, we had it activated iin Canada 2 months before we left. Yes the dish in Canada had a new LNB installed at the same time new receiver was activated.

  45. Well, you have a problem then. The receiver is already set up for the new LNB, and your account is set up for the new LNB also. Although there has been some confusion about this, I am pretty sure all receivers on one account have to be set up for the same LNB type. The only way to change that would be to have a separate account for “the RV” (i.e. Arizona) and pay the 50% second account charge.

    You could in theory upgrade your second dish to the new LNB. You would not receive any of the channels from the third satellite (G1) but I suspect the others would work OK. Unfortunately Shaw won’t sell you the new LNB on its own. Suggest you contact . Global Communications, they are in Wisconsin and should be able to explain your current options.

  46. I have 3 neighbors who just got to Texas and their Shaw receivers are working fine. 1 of these receivers uses the new LNB while the others use the older style LNB. 2 of the receivers are the dual receiver PVR 630’s, 1 of which is new and was activated in Canada. Again, all are working fine. I will be in Texas tomorrow and will be installing my new 630. I expect it will be ok as well.

  47. SUCCESS!! We hooked up the NEW receiver which was synced with the new LNB and nothing. We then hooked up the old Motorola receiver and using the old LNB and it worked just fine. Aquaintances here in AZ brought their new receiver and hooked up to their old dish/LNB in their RV and got nothing. They phoned Shaw and when they said they were in AZ, Shaw refused to help them. I guess they hadn’t been reading the Vanstones.
    To all you people that took the time to contribute to this blog (esp Nicko) we thank you very much.

  48. You are very welcome.
    Yes, Shaw will not help you if you are out of Canada.
    Did you ever talk to the guys in Wisconsin by the way? They are experts in this stuff..

  49. We are in Tucson Arizona and have Shaw. We are getting 86 per cent on our signal but we are only getting HD channels. We had a professional come and align our dish but he said shaw has done something. Can anyone helf please. We need to watch the Olympics

  50. What receiver do you have and what dish/LNB? Has the dish at your Canadian address been updated to the new LNB, and has the receiver been connected to the new LNB at home?

  51. Jolene, that’s the biggest reason I’m tempted to set up a Shaw dish (we’re in Phoenix) in the next two months, the Olympics. I HATE American networks’ coverage of the Olympics, be it NBC or anyone else. I much prefer the Canadians, whether it’s CTV or (as it will be this time around) CBC.

  52. Jolene, we are in south Texas and getting all the standard definition channels. Haven’t tried many hi def channels though.

  53. Our Receivers are HD600 Our dish in Tucson is a 75E We did not change our LNB What we do is we have a dish at home and a dish in Tucson and we just b ring our receivers down

  54. Are you sure your dish AT HOME in Canada has not had the LNB changed? Your symptoms are typical of those where the receiver is set up for the new LNB, and you are connecting to the old type of LNB.

  55. I activated a new receiver with an old LNB in Canada. Wondering if it gets connected to a new LNB if I have to ask for a refresh. Is anyone receiving in the Bay Area (N. Cali)? If so, can you share your dish settings?

  56. We are going to change from our TELUS service at our house so we can get Shaw in California etc. in the winters in our motorhome. If we order new Shaw service at home, get a 3rd PVR for our motorhome (so we can leave it in there) and buy a new dish to carry with us will we be able to receive Shaw while travelling or will the built-in GPS we have been told are the in the receivers stop us? Do we need to find/buy an old 600? 630? receiver? so we don’t get a GPS?

  57. I have never heard of the receivers having a GPS in them. Given that they are used indoors, I’m not sure a GPS receiver would be able to receive signals from the satellites. I have a model 630 HDPVR working fine here in Texas and am aware of 2 others that are working here as well. All 3 of these receivers are relatively new (1 to 2 years),

  58. Thank you, thank you. Next question. Does anybody know if the Kingdome in the dome on our motorhome roof can be converted to Shaw so we don’t have to always use a portable dish? |It would be so nice where we don’t have those pesky palm trees in the way!

  59. Forgot to add to my previous that it was a Shaw employee who told me that the old ones are “omni directional” and the new ones are “specific directional” and have GPS in them and it “disengages” the receiver. So if we can get an older model 630 somewhere I guess we can make it work for us.
    Thanks for the dish info Larry.

  60. GPS?! Really? That would suck. I’m pretty sure all the previous receivers would only “broadcast” their location by the phone number they were hooked up to for PPV/VOD. But if they got GPS, I’d be hooped if I got it here in AZ. Hmmmmmmm….

  61. We are in Yuma at the moment, December 16th 2013, and we have most of our channels operating normally. The 500 series channels from the new satellite are not working (except for a couple which do work, which is a mystery to me). We are just keeping our mouths shut as far as Shaw goes and enjoying it while it lasts. We’ve heard The Canadian Snowbirds Association has a lobby going with the government and Canadian service providers. Hope they are successful!

  62. IMHO that’s a complete waste of time. Shaw does NOT HAVE A LICENSE to deliver signals to anyone outside Canada – period. They would need to apply for a US license, and they won’t get one. Other people already hold the US rights to most of what Shaw delivers. People have been able to receive Shaw signals in the US because the satellite signals from the two satellites don’t just stop at the border. The signals from the new G1 satellite do in fact “reach” into the US just not very far.

  63. John or others … I am a bit confused … want to set up a dish in chicago … (1) your link to the site with footprints was hard to navigate … is chicago ok for bell or shaw or both, (2) on the LNB string … what is the bottom line as to what i should order from shaw (or bell) in terms of hardware to ensure get the right stuff and avoid anything that will not work well in chicago? This is assuming i am joining my brothers account on bell here in canada with an extra receiver or it seems more likely from this blog, buying my own service with shaw using my brothers address with the only one dish and receiver that will be located at a fixed location in chicago.
    Thanks for any advice!!!
    Thanks to all that have contributed to this string!

  64. Until the ‘old’ Aniks stop working the southern service will continue. I am watching it as I type this. The new satellite is higher and partially blocked by one of the old satellites cutting off the south (e.g.Texas). Someone here claims to also get the HD channels but I not really sure. No local HD channels the teens , 20’s and some 30’s channels. Important. the LNB must match what the receiver was activated on. I would strongly recommend, get the new LNB from Shaw or Canada Satellite in Calgary. You must also get the correct LNB for the size of dish, they are not interchangeable between dish sizes. I just find aligning the dish a b____. But once aligned, works.

  65. Hey,
    I’ ll you have to do is get a slingbox, or something like it, and put it at a friend’s house that has good upload speeds.

    Then you can connect a “Sling” player to your TV, or watch on a computer, anywhere in the world where you have internet.

    It’s what I have to do in order to watch Red Wings/Tigers games, even though I live only 100 meteres from the Detroit river…

  66. Can’t believe most of what i’ve been reading. I came to Florida last January 2013 with my r old Bell system that l had been using from San Diego to Tampa for 8 years. I was unaware(my fault) that Bell had changed their satellite position.
    Phoned Shaw in Toronto and explained the situation to them. They opened an account and shipped a two receiver system with a 75cm dish to my sons address in Canada (Shaw explained they couldn’t ship it to the states) who then shipped it to me via UPS. While setting up 10 days later l received full technical support from Calgary and Toronto. Mostly Calgary. On return home Shaw sent me another dish (60cm) and installed it at my home, all at no charge. On return to Florida in January 2014 l had a minor issue that was quickly resolved by Tech Support in Calgary. I can’t say enough about Shaw.
    Not once was l ever told that they could not provide support. We are in a large RV Park in central Florida where Shaw dishes are in evidence on most streets.

  67. Further to the above, the following excerpt clarifies the current situation.

    Shaw Direct no longer encourages installations outside of Canada, and specifically does NOT provide technical assistance for anyone attempting an installation to receive Anik G1 outside Canada’s borders. Those enrolled in the previous Home Away From Home program prior to May 30, 2013 can continue to receive what they previously had at their “cottage” locations, within the limitations of the program. Any new installations must be registered specifically at a Canadian address only. This will mean that you must either have such an address from having a home within Canada, or can otherwise provide a legitimate Canadian address to acquire and continue service. Contact us if you have any questions on your particular situation.

    Once you have the subscription issues cleared, we can provide antennas separate from those normally supplied to customers to be installed in Canada. Two separate antennas are recommended for 107 and 111, with an installation package that includes our own privately designed and sourced Ku-band LNBF that will work for Anik G1 and F1R where signal is available, and a separate regular Ku-band LNBF for Anik F2. When connected to a receiver with a 22 KHz switch joining these signals, it is backwards compatible with a stock Shaw Direct 75E or 60E system such as those used in Canada.

    How large an antenna? If you are interested only in Anik F1R and F2, we can suggest a pair of 85 or 90 cm offset antennas, with appropriate LNBFs, and they will work as far south as southern Mexico and northern Central America. This same antenna should also be able to receive Anik G1 down to about the +45 to +46 dBw contour, or somewhere from 75 to 100 miles outside the +48 contour listed above on the Anik G1 map. Our next antenna size is 1.2 meters (4 feet), and we have increasingly larger and more costly antennas in the 1.5 meter (5 feet), 1.8 meter (6 feet) and 2.4 meter (8 feet) diameter sizes. Outside the +45 dBw contour, it is best to consult with us before purchasing an antenna—so we can compare notes about what has worked in your area. As time goes on, we are creating a larger database of technical information, based on live signal measurements in various locations.

    For more information, visit our website at GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Telephone 608-546-2523

  68. We used Shaw 60E dish, dual LNB and 630 receiver all winter and got F1 and F2 perfectly through California, Arizona, Nevada and all the way back home. G1 is of no interest to us….more useless HD channels with nothing on to watch. Got all my home news everyday, all my regular HD channel feeds for “my” shows I watch usually when at home AND I understand how to set up a dish on a tripod without calling Shaw everytime….hint, hint! Shaw won’t go to everyone’s home and change out their existing receiver and dish at their “Shaw”expense for a long long time and we will be in wheelchairs by then!

  69. Len and Handcuff, that’s great news. We haven’t been able to squeeze it into the budget yet, but I’m still hoping to set myself up with some Canadian TV. Maybe when my tax refund comes in…. $)

  70. @Len: The 2 Sat’s you’re currently receiving have a TTL (time to live). The 1st Sat expires sometime in 2015, and the other about 1 to 2 years later. The 3rd satellite was launched to eventually replace the 2 Sats.

  71. Hi, I am in Yuma and received a signal with a 75 cm. dish for all of the 2013-14 season until we left in April of this year. I used the Motorolla 505’s. This season, I returned with 2 600;s and a 505 and cannot yet get a signal. Should I keep trying or is there really no signal?

  72. No, there is the same signal as before. Assuming there’s nothing actually wrong with your “southern” dish installation, you probably had the LNB on your “home” dish updated to the new XKu LNB which receives the G1 satellite. That means the receivers have all been updated to the new channel map, which will not work with the old dish/LNB. If you carefully read all the posts in this thread you will learn all about this.
    The only way to fix this is to replace the LNB on your “southern” dish with an XKu LNB. This isn’t available from Shaw as far as I know, and you must NOT try to talk to Shaw about anything outside Canada as you will see from this thread. I suggest you talk to GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Telephone 608-546-2523 for advice, their web site is at

  73. Ed. I just talked to some friends south of you in Mazatlan, Mexico and they confirm their Shaw is just fin . Larry

  74. Ed. I just talked to some friends south of you in Mazatlan, Mexico and they confirm their Shaw is just fine . Larry

  75. For many years I used Star Choice/Shaw at my winter condo in Los Cabos – and while I have a dish on my place outside Montreal, I use a seasonal suspension for six months of the summer – not much TV watching May to September. I lost my Cabo dish in Hurricane Odile, and brought down a new 75cm dish and a xKu LNB. I aimed it myself, and have signal strengths of 95-98 on all Anik F2 channels – HD channels. But, and this is what is driving me crazy, from Anik F1 I get nothing. On “Tune in Signal Strength” at Ch. 299, at the bottom I have on line T1 a small green box, but the bar is white and the strength is 0. At first I thought it was the aim – now reading the year’s chat, I wonder if it is the LMB. The one on my place in Montreal is not a new LNB. I have used chat and phone support, and have been unclear as to where I am. Any thoughts out there?

  76. Yers, it’s the LNB. Or more specifically, it’s the LNB receiver combination. If you have the old LNB in Canada, your account is set to the channel map for the old LNB. With the new LNB down “south”, as you have discovered the old channel map won’t work.

    You have two choices:
    1. Get a new xKu LNB in Canada, and get your account channel map changed to the xKu one (that will happen when you get the new LNB installed)
    2. Replace the xKu LNB down south with an old non-xKu LNB

    I suspect (1) is the better solution, because Shaw wants to move to xKu for everyone, and it will happen eventually.

  77. Nick, Thanks. I’ll take your advice and ask for the new LNBF xKu be placed on my “home” installation. Chat support keeps telling me it is the aim, and I even just now brought up the LNB. But I have been very careful is search for the F1 signal, with no luck. Actually all I want is coming in now on the HD stations, but the guide is on Anik F1 and it is a pain to not have the guide. One anomaly, if thats the word, Ch. 500 and all on that transponder list come in red on signal tune and run 0 and 98 back and forth.

  78. Nick, I had the old LNB that was on the bent dish. It had been through hurricane hell, but what do you know – Anik F1 is now on and my guide is downloading. The details! This is one my mother, may she rest in peace, never told me about. Wherever you are, un gran abrazo. GuillermoBill

  79. I read with interest about Shaw Direct re-aligning there satellite and Canadians not being able to receive signal while south of the boarder. I do a lot of satellite setup in a RV court here in Southern California and have yet to find one that was unable to obtain a good signal. We are well over a thousand miles South of the border, work well here.

  80. If you read the rest of this thread you will see the issues.
    The existing Shaw satellites Anik F1/R and Anik f2 have not changed, so anyone with the old style LNB will continue to receive them.There is a new satellite Anik G2 whose signals do not reach very far south, in fact only into the northern part of the USA. Most of the new HD channels are on G2. To receive the G2 signals, you need a new LNB (this is the assembly you can see pointing out of the dish). And if your receiver is set for the channel map for the old LNB, it won’t work with the new one.

    Anyone in the southern area (US, Mexico etc) who has the old LNB and does NOT have a system in Canada will continue to receive Anik f1 and F2 channels. But if they have an installation in Canada, and that installation is updated with a new LNB so that it can receive G1, then ALL receivers on that account will get a new channel map automatically, so a receiver in the south connected to the old LNB will not work correctly.

    So people in your RV park will only encounter this issue if they also have an installation in Canada and that installation gets updated to the new LNB.

  81. I upgraded my home LNB when I moved, and my account has presumably been updated. However, I have 2 additional receivers at my cabin, and each winter I take one to Arizona. Everything’s still working at all locations, including the receivers that are on my account, whether in Canada or in Arizona. Maybe I’m just lucky?

  82. Yes, assuming you only have one account, I guess you are just lucky. Other people have reported the same. Although maybe it will stay like this as long as you don’t have to get a rehit on the boxes, I don’t know.

  83. Ok , now in Florida , have a Bell system , if I install a larger dish will I get my Canadian programing?

  84. I am in south texas. The satellite name that comes up on my receiver is A9. I can get a signal strength of 78 in yellow but I keep losing the signal. Other people in my park are on A4 and have no problems. Is A4 Anik F1 ?

  85. I have two HDPVR 530 and I am having trouble recording on both of them. It tends to be very erratic as sometimes its fine and the next time it records like it is receiving a broken signal. I’ve had it on and the signal was excellent but it would not record. On one of the receivers it will not record AMC channel 364 for me.

  86. Hey Randy. A tech I am not but I often find the answer to things like that is “reboot”.

  87. The new Anik-G1 Ku Band footprint does not reach FLA.

    If they close their downlink KU feeds to FLA when they upgrade
    from Anik F1 to G1 then i will have a very cool device for Canadian French and English snowbirds who will want to watch tv.

    Mario Trottier
    Satellite & Terrestrial tv signal specialist

  88. You can get shaw down in mexico and the states. don’t let shaw confuse any of you.

    we have shaw down in mazatlan. it helps greatly if you have the 75cm dish however.

  89. Its true Shaw wont give any help, but the secret is don’t offer any information about where you are. I have been receiving Shaw nonstop since Bell shutdown with a 75cm dish without any problem in Central Florida. Experiment with the setup etc at home before you try it down south. Its pretty simple.
    Most of what I’ve read here is simply rumors and innuendo, sadly lacking in facts…….

  90. If you look back at my posts you’ll find they discuss all the facts. You are correct that if you don’t talk to Shaw they won’t pursue you. And if you only have one dish (the 75cm one) and don’t worry about the fact you can’t get the new satellite, everything will be OK. The problems come if you have an account in Canada and upgrade to the new LNB, then you have problems.

  91. We have spot in Fort Myers Florida and also Temiscaming P.Q If we sign on with Shaw and install in P.Q and buy a extra dish and receiver for Florida will it work? In Florida now we have Direct and in P.Q. we have Bell. I want to have only one service where we can take receivers back and forth as we did with Bell who can please tell me.

  92. I enjoy infor on Starchoice ( Shaw) receiver/dish systems and where it is going for snowbirds.

  93. In NorCal, had an old motorola that gave out, so we put the account on hiatus until we got to Canada. Bought a new receiver DSR 600 and hooked it up. No signal. From reading the above, I suspect that is because it is looking for the G1. I guess that what I need is for Shaw to switch me over to the old satellites. Any advice on how to get them to do that? They think the account is in Ontario. The box has never been plugged in, in Canada – but it was plugged in, in NorCal. I told them I was in Ontario and asked for a refresh, so it is possible the box is set up for a default G1. Appreciate any advice. I miss my Canadian news.

  94. I guess you have had the new LNB installed in your Canadian location; once your new receiver has been synced to your account it can’t be changed back to the old channel plan. I think your only solution is to get a G1-compatible dish/ xKu LNB and use that when you are on the road. But I’m not sure where you can get those, not from Shaw as far as I know.
    Try asking Mike Kohl at for advice…

  95. As a Shaw subscriber and a Canadian snowbird I was glad to see on a quick trip south to our winter home in Arizona that I still had my Shaw channels as late as September 1st, 2015. It is true that one of Shaw’s three satellites is more focussed on Canadian soil so those channels will be unavailable but the other two are to my knowledge not being redirected so those channels we always had are still available.

  96. My shaw direct works ok in Palm Desert, Ca. Tried putting on NHL Center Ice package today (through Shaw) and was told that signal is not strong enough in US or Mexico to get Center Ice? Anyone able to verify that? Channel 162 is on. Agent told me that Line C in options on Channel 161, reading of 5.0 db is not enough to get the signal, need minimum of 6 db. Anyone have Center ICe through Shaw Direct in southern US or Mexico? Is this the new satellite? Thanks in advance.

  97. Is 161 center ice? Which LNB do you have? 5db is enough for reception, what’s displayed when you select the channel..?

  98. I see where you were getting the 161 channel designation from.
    You’ll only see Center Ice if you have the new LNB and can get signal from the new G1 satellite, which means only in Canada or close to the border. Palm desert, no….

  99. Just FYI…
    If you are outside Canada the Shaw rep is not supposed even to talk to you since Shaw does not have the rights to deliver programming outside Canada.

  100. It is probably best not to mention that you are using your Shaw Satellite service outside of Canada as Shaw could terminate your service for the reasons provided in a previous reply.

  101. Just my comments, but we have been wintering in YUMA AZ for the last 6yrs. We have Shaw Direct at home in BC& all we do is bring a receiver with us &connect it up with no problems. I have read the thread with interest & found it very informative. Thanks to everyone for their input.
    One question I have is, when I check my settings I see the satellite name of A9. What does this mean?

  102. I have an account in Canada with the new LNB. I also have a separate account for a unit in Mexico, which had the old LNB. In order to delete the second account (and just pay a multiple receiver charge), I brought a new dish (with new LNB) to Mexico and had it installed today. I have 2 questions:

    1. The installer pointed the dish in a different direction than the old dish – does this make sense?

    2. I’m not sure if I’m getting all the channels that I should – is there a resource that can tell me if I am?

    Thank you

  103. When down in southern US, always wanted to see what was happening in Canada. Hooked up with Shaw and took two receivers to Phoenix in 2013. Also took down 75 mm dish for it. Had 86 reception first year and then with new satelittes, suddenly reception down to 72-75 and lost many channels. I thought maybe wind shifted mountings, but everything tight. Checked with Shaw and informed couldn’t do anything as not in Canada. So, I put Shaw on vacation here in the winter and Direct on for the winter and then vacation for the late spring summer and fall. Only problem Direct really getting expensive compared to Shaw not only with increases but with the exchange rate. Miss the Grey Cup game and hockey.

  104. we just ran into the same crap from Shaw. travelled across Canada and all was well Hit the border coming West and finally got a person at Shaw-30 minute wait by phone and 25 by chat.

    Same tale-no support South of the border.
    what can I do to get a bigger dish and avoid Anik 2?

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