Sent Home

After just two days at one of Hamilton’s finest hospitals they were finished with me and sent me home.  Inspite of the fact it’s near freezing here today you gotta love fresh air.

I’m now at home,  I’m grouchy as hell and uncomfortable from the staples and stitches in my body. Thanks to the catheter, for the next few days, I can  pee just like Buster. Not to worry though, we all know that Marilyn is doing a great job of looking after me.

Thankyou all for your thoughts and your prayers. I’ll be talking to you in a day or so.

9 thoughts on “Sent Home

  1. If you drink some beer you will be able to see it coming down to the pocket,do not RECYCLE it.
    Wish you a swift recovery, I too went through this 3 years ago.

  2. Glad everything went well, thanks Marilyn for the message it was nice to have the update. I will call later, I was going to yesterday however realized the time difference and it would of been to late. Try not to be to grumpy love you and will talk soon xox

  3. Take Care Larry. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Missing your blogs already 8O)

  4. Thinking about beer…..recovery almost there!!! Glad to learn you are on the mend.
    Almost forgot, Happy belated birthday.

  5. Good to read that you are getting your old self again. About the change I have to get used to the different outlay. I am missing the spanish word of the day.
    For the rest I enoy your writing. Ever thought of writing a book?
    Hope to visit you soon,
    Leo and Emmy

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