Sea Rim State Park, Texas


The title is right. Sea Rim is just west of Sabine Pass, east of Galveston in the north east corner of Texas. Find Port Arthur on a map, then look south east and you will see me waving.

Can you see me?

That’s funny, I can see you.


We are really enjoying it here. There is five miles of beach just steps from our door. On the hard packed sand  we can walk for miles. And lucky us, twenty four seven, we  listen to the surf.

This morning we went for a walk on the beach with the dogs, then we made a huge pot of gumbo for dinner before heading off for a few mile hike with out our dogs (kinda like a date) covering a nature trail through the salt flats.


Just before you decide that we really have found paradise I should point out that it just started to rain and according to the forecast will continue raining heavily until Monday. By raining heavily I mean raining hard enough that they have flood watches out for the area just northeast of us.


Apparently this rain will become heavy snow in Ontario by Monday.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to add to my 130 days in 129 square feet story of a few days ago.

Stay tuned, it sounds like I’ll have lots of time to blog.

“Camping is nature’s way of promoting the motel business” Dave Barry

I had fun doing this. I hope you enjoy reading it as much.