School Daze

We are in Paradise Oaks Golf and RV Resort and we are settled in here for the next 2 weeks.
No, we are not here for the golf, we are here to go to school
For the next 7 days Marilyn and I are enrolled in The Techno Geeks Learning Rally. In the words of the rally organizers we will enjoy ” A joint RV rally with Geeks on Tour and TechnoRV.  Spend some time learning about cool things to do with your computer (Windows *or* Macs *or* Android *or* iPads/iPhones), digital camera, Smartphones, GPS, and other gadgets.  We’ll have a lot of fun too!”

Marilyn and I are eager students, in fact we are both excited like crazy. We have all the toys they talk about (and more) and we swear at them regularly. School starts today with registration at noon  and our first class begins at three with  “introductions and brainstorming about the week”

This is not the kind of school you kids or grand kids attend though because  brainstorming is followed by ” Then comes happy hour and food!”

It’s not all about food and drink though, tomorrow morning at 8:30 we get serious.

In the meantime today we need to charge the batteries in all our devices, our laptops, tablets, smartphones, GPS’s and digital cameras, and get them all shined up. We especially need to polish up those apples. We want to make an extremely good impression on our teachers.

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