School Day Eaten Away

You are looking at a picture of a group of eager young students out in the fresh air and sunshine for almost the very first time this week, and does that sunshine ever feel good!

Usually Marilyn and I start our day with a shake. Not like she shakes me and I shake her and then we shake all over shake kind of thing, but more like a beverage, You know; I put some protein powder, fruit, milk or juice and some yogurt in the blender, press start: Bam, instant healthy breakfast.
But yesterday morning’s school breakfast sounded just too good to pass up, so we skipped the shake and joined the teachers and other kids for the morning chow-down.

We both started with a small bowl of fruit salad but then I just had to move on to the Cajun Sausage Etouffee, it smelled and looked so good. Good move on my part! It was amazing.

Strangely the next couple of hours between the breakfast until the class picture is all a bit of a fog. I think we learned a whole bunch about Facebook but to be honest, we have forced so much in this poor little brain this week it’s all becoming a bit of a blurr.

I certainly have some homework.
Let me say that as we left our classes for the afternoon and hurried home to freshen up before mandatory happy hour ( I just hate those things ) and optional more amazing food dinner we are still thrilled to death to be here.

After our evening meal we all got to play a “name that tune” kind of game and here’s the really important part; Our table won with 46 out of 60 points.
Our strength was the girls, their memories are amazing. My contribution was that I can yell extremely loudly when necessary. I am also smart enough to sit with the right people.
I tell you all that to tell you this: my morning coffee in my new mug is especially delicious.

Today we learn about Streets and Trips, Google Maps and a program called RVTrip Wizard, then more about smart phones, a closer look at tablets and presentation that we are both looking forward to about RVing in China.

I don’t know when, but we’ll be together then.

Buster and Angel, if you guys are reading this: Just one more day and we’ll be back
My name is Larry and that’s my story.

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