Saturday Night in Chemuyil



Just south of us by about 20 miles is the little Pueblo (village) of Chemuyil. In our gringo world Chemuyil is famous for one thing and thats pizza at a hopping little pizza joint called Pizza Leon’s. That’s their special “Mexican Pizza” you see in the picture. Last saturday night along with Guy and RoseMary we went for pizza and after dinner we took a walk around this tiny village. That place was absolutely hopping! In the little town of maybe a thousand people the streets were closed of in 2 areas for kid’s birthday parties. When we arrived, at one they were enjoying cake and ice cream but at the other the entertainment was in full swing.


Notice the young girl in the gorgeous dress. It’s her birthday but somebody’s little princess looks like she isn’t having too much fun.

Maybe she’s waiting for the Piniata.

I’m guessing that there had to be at least 50 people of all ages at each of the parties. A lot of people when you consider that there couldn’t be 1,000 people in the whole town.