Saturday Morning In Mazatlan

I started my day yesterday with a trip to the dentist. Marilyn wasn’t feeling well so I set off on my own. I hopped the water taxi from the island to the mainland and then set out on foot for old town and my date with the dentist Susana.

As I left the Embarcedero I passed the the dozen or so fish merchants set up by the tracks. You don’t have to look to know these guys are there. If the smell doesn’t give them away the dozens of pelicans hanging around waiting for a hand out will.

 As  I neared the Navy base I could see the familys and loved ones of the enlisted, all dressed in their finest, waiting to see their kin.  Most Mexicans work a six day week til about noon or so on Saturday but the tempo of the city is definetley down a notch on this the sixth day.

I am now less than a week away from having two new crowns of my own to brag about. Including the root canal, the post and two crowns the total will be 9800 pesos. That’s about $825 or so in dollars.

After my appointment I walked back via a different route to the Embarcadero. I’d planned on buying my not feeling good sweety some flowers but back on the island chose a couple of bottles on wine instead. How can you go wrong with wine?

What do you think of the new background on the blog? Recognize it? It’s one of Marilyn’s paintings. She did it last year about this time over on the Caribrean coast in Tulum. Here’s the painting we saw then.

You can see more of Marilyn’s art here.

Thanks for the read.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning In Mazatlan

  1. still enjoying your blog we are off 2 quartsite tue am 4 3 days taking the dempseys [cayuga septer]with us .they going on 2 vegas from there then grannd caynon then tuson for dirt rases feb 19 20 will see then there. much interest in talking 2 u about mex 4 next year. have to put deposit down here in march if we want 2 return here.painting sure looks great, keep up the great work. are u counting the no. of cases of cerzesa in your tummy? can u still fit behind the wheel?

  2. Count the cases of cerveza? What, you think I’m nuts? Good thought about fitting behind the wheel though. We’re going to need to do that someday.

  3. Hi Kenny
    Beer is fria, weather is gorgeous and Mar is loving her painting. Is it true? I hear you got some rain in Casa Grande

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