Saturday Is The Day

This coming Saturday, September the 8th Marilyn is once again exhibiting in the Festival Of Art in Grimsby. For the last few months she’s either been painting or preparing for this one big day when she gets to hang with other painters, show her stuff and maybe even sell a few pieces. Now with just a few days left, the excitement is building and it’s time to plan her display.

She’ll have 8 or 10 of her favorite paintings on display as well as her cards that were so popular last year and this year she has also added coasters that you see above. For these she starts with a ceramic tile, laminates a print if one of her original oils on it, adds a cork backing and protects the entire creation with a polyurethane sealer. I’m not suggesting for a minute that I have any amount  taste when it comes to art (my expertise is more in small batch beers and fine wines) but I think the finished product looks pretty good and will be proud to put my glass on any one of them anytime.

If you happen to be close to Grimsby this Saturday, come on down and say Hi.