Saturday At The “V”

You can’t fight tradition. Tradition at the Big O is that if it’s Saturday and its about noon than you better get on a pontoon boat and go for a ride.

Lucky for us, our next door neighbors Ronnie and Donna (that’s their boat you see tied up on the dock in front of our RV in pictures a few days back), invited us to join them for a lazy trip down the canal

Yesterday was the perfect day for it. With the temperature in the 80’s, and not a cloud in the sky there just wasn’t any better place to be. We saw a couple of gators and lots of fish jumping. Apparently there are a couple of Manatee that are trapped in the canal, but we didn’t see them.

We also passed some more of those Northern Snowbirds we talked about yesterday. These ones were in pontoon boats too, just going the other way. They smiled and waved and shout “How y’all doing?” just like we do.

Perhaps not coincidentally there are a couple or three bars that have positioned themselves on the water’s edge. Along with large parking lots for cars these premises feature large docks for boat tie ups just in case anybody built up a thirst while boating or maybe did too much fishing down a lazy canal on a Saturday afternoon

One of them, the VFW, (Veterans of Foreign Wars.Lie a legion in Canada) has even built a new outside bar with big garage style doors all around so lucky patrons can enjoy the warm sun and the warm air while sipping on a cool beverage.

The beer is cold, cheap and plentiful and yesterday there were burgers on the barbie. So all in all it was shaping up to be a perfect afternoon.
A couple of pops, a few stories and great conversation with our new friends.

But by now its past four o’clock and we want to be home and off the water before dark. And as warm as it is during the day, as soon as the sun begins it’s retreat from that big old Florida sky, it cools off pretty quick. After all, remember, it is winter.

I was going to end this post with a genuine “wish you were here” but then I realized that wouldn’t be fair. You’re just having too much fun sitting up there a little north of us shivering to keep warm, aren’t you?
But that’s being mean!
Actually, I do mean it. You should be here. There’s lots of room, the parks aren’t full and there certainly lots of different parks to choose from. Hell, you can even have our spots. With our track record, the odds are we’re not going to be here next year anyway.
You would love the lifestyle. Everyday we meet new and interesting people and actually have time to sit a bit and get to know them. And every day we see someplace different. My God, we are having so much fun!  And there are lots more of that to go around too.
As our buddy Glen says “LG! Life is Good.”

We even see interesting signs. Saw one yesterday that made a lot of sense.
It said: Fat People Are Hard To Kidnap.
Y’all come back now ya hear!
We’re fixin to be rit here restin on the porch.

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  1. Larry I loved this post and I know we do a lot of kidding but you really nailed it with your description of this lifestyle. Being able to move when you want, go where you want and always seeing new places and making new friends is incredible. Glen you do not always get it right but you sure did with this one – LG everyone!

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