Sage California

The ruins of the ORGINAL stage coach office, all that's left of Sage

All thats left of Sage

It took us four tries but we finally found the remains of the California Gold Rush Town of Sage. Everyone knows the name,there is a Sage Road that goes from Temecula to Hemet, but no one seems to know much about the place.

But there it is, the orginal  stage coach office, stuck in a corner of a farmer’s field,that’s all that’s left of the town of Sage. Mission accomplished.

I’ve shown you pictures of the pool here at Jojoba, it’s big, it’s heated and sits next to two good size hot tubs on a pool deck overlooking the Palomar mountains.

The pool is 65′ long, to do a mile you need to do about 83 laps. That’s a lot of laps. The good news is a quarter-mile is just over 20 laps. The first day we swam it we did a half (of a quarter, some might call that an eighth, others might call it not much), but since then we’ve done the whole (of the quarter) every day. Needless to say, after a week of all that strenuous exercise we are in shape and looking pretty good, especially when we stand next to large rocks. A good beer belly stays for a long long time. Heck, when I wear my swimsuit and study my 24 pack you can almost pick out the lagers, ales, pilsners and especially the Stouts.. Oh, look, there go some french fries.

The other day my feature image was a picture of Angel and in spite of the fact that his picture is spattered all over the internet, I’m also known as BustersBud on some forums, Buster is a little miffed. He says he can’t remember ever having a straight on face picture on this most influential publication. So here he is. Look closely, you can even see his attitude.

“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as much as the dog does.”

Christopher Morley

Thanks for the read. I don’t know how you do it, but you finished another one.

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  1. Not much left of sage for sure….hey busterbud nice to see you mug once again..and Lar I always read your posts from start to finish 🙂

  2. Well Dad not the most flattering pic of Buster. Maybe next time to Maz a visit to Dr. Susana is in order for some orthodontics…Shiloh too.
    A little ice cream would improve the smile in the meantime!

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