RVillage.com Revisited

It’s been about 10 days since we first talked about RVillage.com a website designed to help campers connect with other campers.

In that 10 days they have quadrupled their membership to over 3200 , all RVers or about-to-be-RVers, all interested in getting to know and staying connected their RV friends and neighbors.

I have diligently logged in to each campsite we’ve checked into but so far, in the parks we have been in we are alone. There are no other RVillage.com members present.

I am reading success stories however, there are many members who have made significant connections thanks to their membership including one story of two long-lost best buddies reconnected. I’m sure our turn will come.

The website is still in Beta and is a little clunky in some areas but I’m sure they’ll look after that.

I agree with those of you who say “there is already too much social media.”

I am on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+, as well as RVillage.com. I certainly need to clean some house. But only one, RVillage, connects me specifically to other RVers and when we are traveling that’s exactly who we want to be connected with.

My perfect gal is designing lots of perfect pockets.




She is trying to build a little inventory so she can put them up on Etsy, the handmade craft site.

Seems people buy them about as fast as she can make them so she’s not complaining. She has  a couple  on  her website here and the fabric to make some more here in the coach, ready to go.


Did you see the touching story about the giraffe and Mario?

Did you cry too?

“Animals are such agreeable friends–they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”-George Eliot


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