RV Fires: Let’s Talk Safety

Our neighbors and good friends had a fire in their RV refrigerator the other day. Fortunately they were home and caught it before it did any major damage to their coach.
I’ve been meaning to write a piece on RV fridges and fires for a long time. 80 % of RV fires start at the refrigerator so looking after your RV fridge becomes an extremely important task. It won’t guarantee you never have a fire, but it will cut down the percentage.
You can read the  whole story right here, then please pass the word on to all your RV’ing friends.

One thought on “RV Fires: Let’s Talk Safety

  1. How awful for your friends. We too have friends whose entire 44′ bus burned to the ground in a rest area, fridge related. Thanks for bringing this to everyones attention.

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