Running The Isla

We’ve been back running for I think three weeks and today had to be the toughest of them all. I’m not sure whether it’s the temperature, a couple days off while travelling and setting up or just the  beach with the surf and the breeze. When I stepped on the sand this morning  instead of figuring out where we should run I started looking around for a comfy chair and a good book. We got about 25 minutes in, then crashed. I guess that’s why they call it “training”.

I know I’m boring you  all the pictures of our motorhome but here’s a shot from the beach.  That’s Bob & Bonnie’s 5th wheel to our right and Robin & Peggy’s motorhome to the left (the blue awning). You can see a few of the thousands of Coconut palms behind us. Gotta love Stone Island.

Hasta La Vista Senors y Senoritas.

2 thoughts on “Running The Isla

  1. I can only imagine the determination it must take to do your training under the conditions you have to face on the Isla now if you were here on the east coast of Canada you could enjoy light snow squalls, temperature 0C, and a nice light 20km northerly breeze making your training a lot more enjoyable. At least you wouldnt want to look for a place to sit outside and your running shoes would be covered with a layer of slush to keep your feet nice and cool to prevent overheating.

    Keep the boring pic’s of sand, sea, and palms coming it helps us appreciate what you have to endure.


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