Rockport has a new dog walk

Another half dozen Red Ear Slider Turtles soaking up sun

Another half dozen Red Ear Slider Turtles soaking up sun

But not only is it a dog walk, it’s also billed as a Nature Trail.
The dogs are always excited when they hear we about to explore a new trail because a new trail means new sights and even more importantly, new smells. Mare and I are then happy because the dogs are happy but this time we are even more happy because we quite naturally love nature trails. So off we happily go, the dogs with thwir leashes tangled and Mar and I arm-in-arm. What a happy family family we are!
First we discover oodles of turtles in each of the Nature Ponds. There are hundreds of them. We stop at a Nature Observation Deck and see dozens of turtles racing over (you gotta pretend a bit here, they are turtles), anyway they hurry over expecting us to throw them treats. I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of all these turtles staring at us, mouths open, waiting for their turtle treats.

But we move on

Meet a Dung Beetle

Meet a Dung Beetle

Next we see this little beetle rolling a ball of animal dung (Honest, I’m not making this up) down the path toward his home and family. I can just imagine all the little beetles being so excited when he arrives with his prize. His beetle wife probably ran and got him a special dung beetle beer for his fine work.
After this much excitement most families would head on home to get their own beer, but not the Amazing Vanstones, we move on, always exploring.

I'm pretty sure that what this wasp is doing to this orange beetle is sexual abuse

I’m pretty sure that what this wasp is doing to this orange beetle is sexual abuse

No matter how hard the orange beetle tried to lose the wasp, the wasp hung on, stinger in the beetle’s neck. I thought I detected a nasty smile on the wasp’s face. He was obviously getting off on his horrible deed.
At first I thought the wasp’s name was probably Gian but then I thought no, we are in the USA now. Maybe his name is Bill.

By now, even the Amazing Vanstones have had enough nature for 1 day
So it’s back to the car (it’s a big park and it takes us hours to find it) where the kids get a cookie.
Marilyn and Larry park the car in a shady spot near MoonDog’s Seaside Bar and slip in for a treat of our own.

While I order a cold beer Marilyn (bless her heart) orders a water. She laid her puritan lifestyle on me pretty thick until she saw, then tasted my beverage of choice. Then, almost by coincidence she accidentally spilled her water, and then she too enjoyed a cool one. The Shrimp Nachos were amazing, especially with the cold beer.

That’s enough for today. I thank you for the read.



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  1. Hey you make me homesick for Rockport what a fun place. Please say hello tomorrow to Spec’s from Sheila. Now that place has beer!

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