After more than a month on the road we finally are less than 20 kms from our final destination, Tres Amigos RV Park on Stone Island, Sinola, Mexico. Suddenly we are stopped dead. We are in a road block. It seems the local Ejido’s (In Canada we would call them native Canadians) are having a dispute with a local golf course and are not letting anyone through until their concerns are resolved.

I took a walk through the 100 or so natives collected on the highway, except for a few older folks, most of them seemed to be pretty happy, giving this gringo a friendly smile, even the guys with the huge 4′  machetes. I decided against taking their picture for you, please just imagine big burly smiling Mexican guys  holding up their extremely sharp and shiny machetes.

Got the image? Good! I went back to our coach, generator running, air conditioning on and waited. After about 45 minutes  they decided that those of us on our way to Tres Amigo were not part of their fight and allowed us through. 

Within an hour we were greeted by our friends in Tres Amigo and settled in for the night.

Here’s the scene out our door this morning:

This afternoon the temperature is in the low 30’s. Thank goodness for the tropical breeze.

I know; I should stop now.

4 thoughts on “Roadblock

  1. Well done on running the gauntlet!!!! By the looks of Contessa’s pic you are going to need a set of dolly wheels on the back of the rig to get around those tight turns.


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