We Ride the Legacy Trail

IMAG1983We were still in Bradenton when we first heard great things about the  rail trail. Out for a bike ride, we stopped for a latte and two fellow bike riders asked if we had ridden the Legacy trail. They went on and on about what a great ride it was.

Later  friends and  fellow rvers  Gord and Jason blogged about it when they too, road the Legacy Trail.

Yesterday was our turn:  We started from the Venice station, heading north to Sarasota.The trail is wide, paved and flat (OK, there is one overpass that gets the heart rate up, but beyond that it’s flat) and most importantly, other than 3 or  4 spots where you cross streets, you never see a car.

What you do see are lots of fellow bikers, joggers and walkers and miles of Florida scrub vegetation and wildlife. There are lots of places to get off the trail to relax or have a snack (we did both) and good access to water and washrooms. According to our smart phones, the total round trip mileage comes in at a fun 21.63 miles.

A 21.63 mile round trip bike ride on the Legacy Trail on an 80 degree afternoon leaves a lady thirsty. 

The 21.63 mile beer. Life is good!

The 21.63 mile beer. Life is good!

At least it does for my lady. You know me, I’m always trying to please.  If she wants to go for a beer and a sandwich  then my attitude is “happy wife, happy life“I even decide I’m going to have a beer too.

Now it just so happens that Snook Haven is on our way home, so I’m thinking maybe they might have a cold beer or two right there. We’ll give them a try:

It’s the middle of the afternoon and in spite of the place is out in the wilderness, on the bayou with the alligators and turtles, the place is hopping. Good choice! The beer is cold and the food is delicious. Mine was a white Belgian ale that was especially delicious.

I’m not sure what you do after a long bike ride on a hot afternoon, but I can tell you I really enjoyed my nap.

“I like beer. On occasion, I will even drink beer to celebrate a major event such as the fall of Communism or the fact that the refrigerator is still working”. – Dave Berry

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  1. Now that was a bike ride. Good for you both. We use to have a trailer that Colin pulled behind his bike and the girls came along for the ride but not for one that long.

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