Return To Glamis

We were taken by this place! We were here less than a week ago when we were out for a drive with the truck and found ourselves absolutely mesmerised by the shifting sand in these dunes. So yesterday morning we said goodbye to Yuma and came back to the Osborne Overlook just outside of Glamis, only this time we brought the coach so we could stay overnight.

We arrived at about noon and set up our lawn chairs. The plan was that we would ponder, contemplate and watch the sunlight play on the dunes. Turns out we got an unexpected bonus. About an hour after we arrived the winds came up and we got to witness a real old fashioned sand storm for the rest of the afternoon. Needless to say, everything we touch in the coach now has a coating of fine California dust. Perfect, souvenirs to remind us of our visit.

The wind came and went and we still had a great opportunity to be at “one with the dunes”. We even had lots of visitors, sightseers in their cars as they made their way down Highway 78, and lots of folks out playing in the sand in their dune buggys and ATV’s.

The coach should be clean on the outside though, yesterday’s dust storm was followed by heavy rain most of the night. We are guessing the moisture will give us an even different view of the dunes when the sun rises. Speaking of the sun, here was last night’s sunset.

Watching this sunset I was getting the impression that I was about to have chat with the big guy.

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