The Red Red Robin comes Bob Bob Bobbin’ Along


When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbin’ along you know that spring is definitely on it’s way once more and we are lucky enough to have two bobbing red robins building a nest in a tree right next to our coach here at 50 Point Conservation Area.
From dawn to dusk these busy birds fly forth and back transporting twigs, grass and straw constructing their new family home. After carefully placing each piece just so, they fly off to gather more raw material.
They’ve been at this for two or three days now and what you say, are they 1/3 their way to completion? And all this without the help of a building permit or inspector.

I promise more pictures as we keep you up to date on our new family.

Another sure sign of Spring

I showed you a picture of the empty marina the other day and this morning we are proud to announce the first boat is off the winter stands and in the water, ready to serve.

Apparently this year they had extra work to do to get ready for the boats. First they had to jackhammer out close to one foot of ice from the marina area, then, with the aid of a strong flat front boat, push the chunks of ice out into Lake Ontario. They have no time to waste now, there are hundreds of boats all lined up waiting for their “lift” into the lake so they too can be ready for our short boating season beginning no later than the May two-four weekend.


“The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.” -Willie Nelson

2 thoughts on “The Red Red Robin comes Bob Bob Bobbin’ Along

  1. Yup. Just had our sailing “meeting” at the Coach and Four this morning. More of a gab fest, really. But we did sort out who sails when and what to do on the boat.
    Of course, the boat still hasn’t gone in the water just yet…

  2. Glad to see you both back at your summer [ i said summer ] spot. No time for us to watch birds, just watching the ice bergs here in front of our house on lake Erie. See you Friday at the sale & good luck.

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