Record Breaking Mardi Gras


long-lost sisters meet at Mardi Gras

I think we’re special. Now you could make the point that millions of people visit N’Awlins every year so we’re not special because we came to the Big Show in the Big Easy in this year but lets look at a couple of the things more than just different about Mardi Gras 2014

  • Mardi Gras 2014 was the coldest Mardi Gras since 1899

Marilyn and I have already seen a lot of records this year, records like “first ice storm in a generation” and “coldest winter in 25” but I think you have to agree the “since 1899″ part makes this one special.

  • Mardi Gras 2014 was the wettest Mardi Gras EVER.

You just can’t top that one! Even in my few years on this planet I recognize the significance of the word “ever”

As I mentioned yesterday we all managed about an hour of the cold and wet before we hurried our sorry assses back to our RV’s to dry out and warm up.  Then we all assembled in our warm and dry coach, we sipped our Bailey’s and Coffee while we watched the numerous parades on TV.

The original plan was that we would hit the streets again as soon as the weather got a little better, but the weather never got any better. It continued to rain for the rest of the day. The temperature hung all day at 37F with a real feel at 28  (-3C) until after dark.

This morning we are back  in the mid 40’s heading to the 60’s for this afternoon with just a slight chance of a shower and then into the 70’s for the weekend.

Our group of record-setting ArCanadian adventurers breaks up today:

John and Colette are off to San Antonio to hook up with friends, while Bill and Marilyn roll east to Hilton Head. Doug and Gerri will be next seen in Sebring Florida.

The Vanstone’s and the Smith’s have at least one more Big Easy day. Tomorrow we move east about 90 miles to Biloxi for a week. I’m not sure which way Donna and Ronny depart.

“America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans.
Everywhere else is Cleveland.”
Tennessee Williams
Thanks for coming over.

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  1. Um ya, that’s “Lucky”. Gives you something to brag about. 1899 eh? Wow. Good thing you had some warm clothes with you.
    Now go and get those ashes.
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