Random Acts Mean Big Changes

This blog and website was my Christmas gift from my son Jason. This is what it looked like when he introduced me to it on December 25, 2007.When I looked back to do this piece I was blown away by how much it’s changed in a little over 4 months. I thought the gift was a website, but it’s turned into an education on how to function on the net but more importantly how much I enjoy being creative and writing this blog and now it’s new sister RV Questions.

When we were in the Big O RV park this February, Sheila took Marilyn to two different activities. First they went to line dancing classes. Marilyn couldn’t get out of there quick enough. A line dancer she is never going to be. But then Sheila took her to painting class. Guess where Mar is tonight? Guess what she’ll be doing again tomorrow night? You guessed it, she’s at painting class. She absolutley loves it. If she has a brush in her hand 12 hours a week, she thinks about it for the other 156. She would paint all day every day if she could.

OK OK, it’s true: If I had the chance, I would write all day every day. Except of course I’d break for Happy Hour.