Quite A Storm

No, this is not my picture. I borrowed it out of the newspaper. Fortunately we saw no funnel clouds. We were miles away from that part of the storm.
But we did see probably our best show of lightning and certainly heard our noisiest ever thunder. And boy, did it rain! To our eyes and ears it was everything it was forecast it to be and it was forecast to be big.
This morning we move down to spend a couple of days in Rockport. After that, we get serious about heading for Ontario.

3 thoughts on “Quite A Storm

  1. Yes it sure was an intense storm, we were only a few hours north east of you and it was impressive.
    We just love the Rockport Area have been there quite a few times.Make sure you get to Port Aransas and Mustang Island, beautiful beaches. At HEB you can purchase fresh shrimp and they will cook them free for you while you shop. Excellent monthly rates here for rv sites too.

    Travel safe.

  2. HOO BOY!

    Port A is very nice. I liked a lot about it. Didn’t spend any time in Rockport, just noticed they have A LOT of RV parks. Padre Island is great, too; we enjoyed boondocking on the Laguna Madre side of the island.

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