Proud Of Our Rig

Our rig with it's new toad "Dolly". Note her new Bra

Our rig with “Dolly”. Note Dolly’s new Bra. She is so proud of it

We are proud of our rig. In typical man/woman fashion we have pink jobs (those are Marilyn’s) and blue jobs (guess who) I look after the outside, while Marilyn does a superb job on the inside. We do our best to keep it all nice and shiny.
You’ll notice that this time around the toad has not been painted to match the coach. Nor will it be. That was a lot of fun when we had the truck painted in Mexico, but we won’t be doing it again.
If you haven’t joined us in our poll you may want to slip over there and do it now

When I last checked 50% of those who took the poll enjoyed their motorhomes with about 25% favoring their 5ths. I’m not sure what if anything all that means, except maybe the 5th wheel owners are less likely to take part in polls. Anyway, it was fun and I promise we will do another poll in a bit.

“… the vintage of history is forever repeating ~ same old vines, same old wines!”

3 thoughts on “Proud Of Our Rig

  1. Yep we love our Motorhome it is a perfect fit, thanks to the fine gentleman that sold it too us, so many years ago.
    When we bought out car just looked for one that had the original paint close to color of our motorhome.

  2. We shopped for 3 years before buying our 5th wheel and a truck to tow it. They are not color coordinated (5th is ivory/brown/silver/gold and truck is black) and we fear our status on the road is compromised therefore (ha!). However, at $5k-$10k for a matching paint job, we (as thrifty New Englanders) will continue to drive around unmatched. At least they’re not plaid and stripes!

  3. We’ve owned a Class C, a Class A and now our 5th Wheel. The Class C was alright but just not for us, we absolutely loved our Class A and hated selling it, but we felt we wanted more living space. Now we love our 5th Wheel. So much more space. I did love the convenience of setting up with the Class A, especially in nasty weather, but I guess you have to give some to get some.

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