Prostrate Cancer and Exercise

I was reading an article the other night about a study they had done looking at the effects of exercise on prostrate cancer. If you are a regular reader you will remember that I found out last October that I had been selected as one of the lucky ones (1 in 6 men get prostrate cancer) and I am scheduled for surgery next April.

Anyway, the article said that proper regular exercise makes a big difference in the long term health results related to prostrate cancer and numerous other illnesses. Please read about that here.

So when we were out on a run yesterday morning I realized that there are some other things I can do to improve my chances of full recovery.

You will notice in the picture above that the beer fridge is quite close to our outdoor furniture. That of course was done completely for convenience, but with my new insight into the value of exercise I now realize that every little bit of movement helps so from here on in I promise that when I want a beer I will no longer just reach over and grab one. From now on I will get out of my chair, walk all the way around the coach, and then and only then, will I open the fridge to fetch a cool one.

Hey fella: Have you had your PSA checked this year?

2 thoughts on “Prostrate Cancer and Exercise

  1. I read the article….”VIGOROUS” exercise is I think you should RUN for 15 minutes before each beer….that way you don’t have to walk around the coach and then have a beer (too easy)…after a few runs (really make it a challenge), you will need more than beer!!

    Easy for me to say…I have been back home in Ontario for 3 weeks now and shovelled snow for the 1st time today….been so cold, I have been sitting on my you know what for the rest of the time…beer fridge is close by and I’m not running around my house every time I want a beer!!!

  2. 15 minutes you say? Let me think about that. You shovelled snow this morning and I vacuumed sand. Fortunatley you have a short driveway and even more fortunatley I have a small house (huge back yard but small house).

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