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Dad lent me his smart phone so I could tell you my story for a change. Lately Angel and I have spent way too much time lazing around in the coach while Mom and Dad have been out seeing the world. Oh sure, we get out 2 or 3 times a day to have a pee (I prefer to lift my leg, Angel is a girl, she likes to squat), and we get a sniff or two but this is not the way we usually travel. We are used to lots of walks and meeting neat dogs from all over North America.

I’ve been getting on Dad’s butt a bit (I bark loudly when ever he pets me goodbye) over the last few days so finally yesterday he declared a relax day. They took us to a beach on the Atlantic Ocean just outside Boston. Angel likes to go for a run anywhere but  my absolute fave is a run in and out of the ocean. I’m just a little guy (but I act like I’m much bigger) so I can’t go in too deep but I love the salty water and the sea breezes in my fur. I just bounce with joy when I get near the sea. Did you know that over my life  I have played in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Caribbean and the Sea of Cortez. The last two are in Mexico and the dogs down there bark different. Angel doesn’t understand them because she has only been there a few times while I’m much older, wiser and much more travelled. I’ve been to Mexico so many times I understand spanish dogs as well as english speaking ones. I will admit though, female dogs are hard to understand, regardless of location or language.

As you know, us dogs put a lot of importance on butts because we always sniff them. I told my dad that the Mexican girl dogs have interesting butts and he said some of the girl people ones do too. My dad doesn’t sniff them but I’ve noticed the way he checks them out.

Anyway, we must have spent a couple of hours playing on the beach this morning and then we did my second favorite thing when we went for a ride in the truck. I love Dad’s truck.

Thanks for checking out my story, and please tell your dogs that Angel and I say hello.

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  1. Patch & Perry envoy you guys, in fact so do Char & I. My boys are taking me for a walk in the rain, so i can have my shower for the day, they lift there right legs, while i lift both feet trying to get over the puddles. Enjoy ,travel safe.

  2. Good morning!!!wow Buster can write as well as Dad..Lol
    Glad to see that Buster and Angle are having such a fun time,in and out of the ocean.
    Seeing the picture of the beach along the water makes me want to be there!!!
    Come on coach!!!I’m ready..

  3. Hey Buster, good to hear from you. We’ve been wondering what you and Angel have been up to. Haven’t seen you now for what, I guess almost 2 years. We still go down to the Isla near Mazatlan and hang there for the winter. I like the beach your at now, Have to try it some time.

    Adios amigos, keep in touch,
    Carmeh & Caeli

  4. Great post Buster, you really have the literary bug! Travel safe as big winds seem to be headed your way.

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