Please Forgive Me. I Need To Brag A Bit

I mentioned the good weather coming our way the other day; now, if you don’t mind I’d like to brag a bit.
Not about the good weather, rather the great weather.
At 6am this morning it was about 8 degrees (high 40’s). Now at 1pm it’s about 24 (high 70’s) in the shade and it will be hotter tomorrow and Sunday.
Yesterday we required a couple of trips to the pool to cool off, we’re headed back there just as soon as I press the last button to publish this post.

Looks like we have a busy afternoon,¬†after the pool, we’ll need to get ready for Happy Hour down at Friendship Hall.

The only cloud in our skies is that I need to try on my dress pants to make sure they still fit. I need to get dressed up for the New Years celebration tomorrow night. I’m pretty sure I’ve “matured” a bit over the past few months.

Tell me; is it acceptable to wear jeans with a dinner jacket?

Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go.



6 thoughts on “Please Forgive Me. I Need To Brag A Bit

  1. Larry It is very acceptable to wear nice dress jeans (no bibbed overalls) with a nice dinner jacket..and dress shirt!!! And ah go ahead and brag we rolled into 64 degree weather today here in Myrtle Beach…:) have a wonderful new years you two…and no sneakers with that attire either..must be dress shoes

  2. What? How come no bib overalls? If no running shoes is bare foot OK?
    Pretty please! Mar says my jeans aren’t “dress”. Thanks for the kind words, but as they say, “takes two to tango”. Now’s your chance to really enjoy the coach. Happy New Year from the V’s

  3. Mars word is LAW!!!

    Meanwhile I have to say OMG!!!!! You only beat us by 1 degree!!! Plus I really hate to admit it but your sunset photo rocks!!

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