Pizza On The Weber

Pizza on the barbeque. Now that’s not only good but its easy too.

Here’s the recipe:
Get out the breadmaker, make the pizza dough as per the instructions then empty the fridge on to the uncooked pizza dough. Give it 15 minutes or so on a hot barby and enjoy.

This is going to be a big week in the Vanstone household. This Saturday, August 6, at 5:30, our daughter Pam will be married.
Friday morning we move our coach in to a secured parking lot not far from the site of the wedding and even closer to Bob and Marjorie’s house in Toronto.
Thankyou Bob for this one.
Stay tuned; it should be a.busy week.

5 thoughts on “Pizza On The Weber

  1. Now you are talking pizza on the Weber, loving ours, have cooked most everything on ours so far (two weeks into our relationship), pizza will be soon on the agenda too. Enjoy the wedding and remember ready or not, it will happen without a hitch

  2. Love Pizza on the BBQ (I don’t have a Weber! But it’s all relative in the grand scheme of things right?) Have a wonderful time at your wedding, my very best wishes to you and your entire family!

  3. Great pizza, will be trying that!! Can hardly wait to see pic,s of wedding and dresses that Marlene made!! Congrats to everyone!!

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