who pissed off mother nature?

The other possible title was “Our incredible 36 hour ride.” I’m not sure which one works better. Why don’t you decide and let me know.


It Was A Rainy Day In Texas....

It Was A Rainy Day In Texas….

This story begins about 4:00 pm Friday evening and is just ended about an hour ago. It’s now about 7:00 am Sunday.

We knew we were going to get some rain, every forecast for days had told us that.

We were preparing for supper when the rain started, getting ready to enjoy that gumbo we talked about. By the way it was delicious.

Light rain, that’s how it started. We could hear it on the roof, but as we dined it became stronger, to the point we had to turn up the radio, and then turn it up some more. And then the wind came up and we entered this strange new world. It’s like we were in this giant truck wash with huge jets all around aimed at Putt-Putt. Big sheets of water pounding on the roof and all 4 sides. We could not hear the radio. Our TV picture distorted.


This truck wash is connected  to a humongous wind tunnel that was able to produce winds of 20 to 40 mph and whip up the water so it pounded and pounded on our Putt-Putt.  We went to bed. We must have felt safe because we both slept well. The rain and the wind continued all night long  and into the day, but at about 9 am there was an intermission so we hooked up the puppies and went for a walk. On our walk I talked to the park ranger and he said that the storm we experienced was nothing special for this area. For us, it ranks up there with a storm we had on the Oregon coast once, but not quite a Hurricane Sandy.

Water water everywhere

Water water everywhere

Intermission over, Act II: The hammering water returns, they restart the wind tunnel and now they add sound effects. Boom, Boom, Boom. Next our phones warn us of impending danger. They’ve issued a TORNADO WARNING for Jefferson county. Guess which county we are in?

Next, the park ranger bangs on our door to tell us that they have all the right stuff to make a fine tornado just north of us, so we should pay attention. If necessary we can all meet in the camp bathroom(yes, the smelly one). He leaves us with “and there’s another suspicious looking storm coming in from the west”.

Then it all stops. Nothing moves out there. There is nothing but silence.


While we walk the dogs we keep an eye on the black clouds to our north. The rain is starting again, we move back indoors.

Act III: Pounding rain, and strong wind gusts. It’s getting extremely noisy in here. The black clouds move off. It’s time for the lightning. I count; 10 that time, 9 the next. Thanks to all the electrical activity out there our phones are dead, our tv is a multicolored mess. The books we’ve downloaded for the storm were both written for teenagers and both suck. It’s 8:00pm, the lightning has subsided, the Black box is empty, we go to bed.

The storm continues most of the night but when I wake up around 5:00 all I can hear is the pitter-patter of light rain on the roof and the crashing of the surf nearby.

At 6:00 Buster tells me he needs to pee, so we go out and are greeted by thousands of hungry mosquitos. But that’s another story.

And that’s how our last couple of days went. What’s new with you?


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  1. Wow you guys have been troopers sticking it out, but then where do you go. Our park has campers evacuated from Northern Florida state parks so the bad weather seems to be all around. Safe travels.

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