Percy Quin State Park

IMAG2636 It’s less than 70 miles from Abita Springs Louisiana to Magnolia Mississippi and Percy Quin State Park but the two are eons apart. In Abita Springs spring was happening while in Magnolia spring is about to happen.

We climbed a couple of hundred feet and have left the Louisiana swamp country for the rolling hills and farmland of southern Mississippi.

We are nestled in the pines on the shore of Lake Tangipahoa (I think it’s tang-i-pa-hoe but I’m not sure). Either way, when you add up trees and hills what we get is no satellite tv, Marilyn’s cell has no signal and we only get two channels off our antenna (could have been worse, they’re both PBS).

IMAG2638That’s not a big deal though, we do have satellite radio, lots of books along with dozens of dvds we’ve promised to watch forever and decent internet thanks to our trusty Verizon MiFi.

We also have miles of trails to bike and hike and what looks like pretty good weather for our 11 day visit to this great looking park.
We got a bit of a discount on our site here because the lake is very low while they repair the dike so we are in a full service site in a gorgeous state park for $20 a night. While they say it will be three years before the fish will be back, they claim you’ll be able in launch your boat in just a couple of months.

We’ve got lots to explore. This park has two golf courses, a lodge, swimming pools and so much more.

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

Crowd funding comes to  designing Next Generation of RV’s

Do you think you have something to add in the way RV’s should be designed? Interested in tossing in a few bucks to help make it happen?

A group in England is doing a crowd-fund to design and build a new state of the art travel trailer ( they call it a caravan over there). They plan to have their prototype ready for an RV show this fall. Check out “The Next Generation of Travel”

Did you get a chance to read about us in RV West?

We are down right proud of all the good things RV West Magazine said about us.

“I see no advantage in these new clocks. They run no faster than the ones made 100 years ago.” -Henry Ford




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  1. Thanks Larry for this post as we had planned to stop at this park on the way south last fall but wandered somewhere else. We will definitely put this park back on our list. Oh BTW you had me at 2 golf courses!

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