Palm Springs

Downtown Palm Springs

A sunny morning in downtown Palm Springs

Every thursday evening in Palm Springs they close off the main drag and have a street fest with lots of arts, crafts other goodies all designed to make it a little easier to carry your wallet so after a fine dinner including Mussels and Belgian Ale and a great visit with Anne and Steen we wandered through the streets and took in the sights.
This morning, Marilyn and I did another long walk through downtown. While we are not really city folk anymore it’s neat to spend a couple of days so close to the action. Having said that we are both looking to getting back out of the city tomorrow. No question, we are country mice.
I agree with you all, $48 per night is big money for a park (their monthly rate here is $925…ouch) but we haven’t seen Anne and Steen for a few years. Marilyn’s comment the other day is that one of her favorite things about this lifestyle is connecting with good friends in different, random places. It’s definetly worth the 100 bucks to see them both again.
While we are talking about $48 per night RV parks, that’s cheap in this town. Other parks are even more. From here we are off to free camping in the desert, it will all work out.

2 pink dryer balls

Dryer Balls

When I think of Palm Springs I always think of it as a high end town where the rich and famous come to play. Apparently we are neither rich or famous. Our only purchase? Marilyn picked up these dryer balls. Apparently you use them instead of dryer sheets. Out of all the high end, mcuky muck stores we get dryer balls!

They say it isn’t necessary to be rich and famous to live in Palm Springs. It’s only necessary to be rich.

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  1. due to scent sensitivity I can’t use bounce dryer sheets even the ‘unscented’ ones are scented somewhat..I use dryer balls all the time and they work…love the architecture of the town

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