Painting In The Palms

The easel and brushes are finally and I mean finally out. She’s been talking about painting and looking for the perfect inspiration since we left home. There is no doubt the beauty of San Carlos has provided that inspiration.

Here’s what the picture looked like after the first few hours.

The Next day, a few more hours and a big oops when the wind came up and blew the picture over.

I’m sure it will look different again this afternoon.

The beauty (have I used that word before?) of this place is getting through to us. Yesterday we topped up our original two night stay to take advantage of the weekly rate.

This is the perfect spot for bike riding. There are miles and miles of empty 4 lane highways and lots to see.

We checked out some real estate.

Rode along one of the local marinas

Enjoyed a coffee while we watched the fish jump.

Later in the day we took the dogs for a ride in the truck.

Took in some of the views

You see such random things down here. Like this table and chairs at a lookout. Apparently we were early for Happy Hour.