Our Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks

We have been full-time rving  for more than 8 years.

We’ve seen a lot of parks, some pretty nice, some not. Over a glass of wine the other night Marilyn and I were discussing  our favorite camping spots. You can imagine, after that many parks, it was a long conversation

Some of our fave parks are pretty classy, while others  are extremely  basic.  To make the list, they each park had to make a lasting impression on us. In other words, we had to feel good when we mention their name.

In no particular  order here is our list

  • 50 Point Conservation Area. Hamilton Ontario Canada. We’ve summered here for the last 6 years. It’s close to work, shopping, doctors and not to far from the kids in Toronto
  • Beverly Beach State Park. Newport Oregon. We were here in early November and it rained every day but we still love the place. Because of the huge trees there’s no satellite TV or satellite radio. I’m guessing it was the long walks on the ever-changing beach that made the difference here
  • Cabo Glorieta Trailer Park Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We spent about 5 months in this park just outside of Cabo and it’s one of my faves. Great bunch of folks, mostly fisherman who all caught way too much Dorado (mahi mahi) and loved to share with us


  • Jojoba Hills RV Resort Aguana California. This one is Mar’s number one favorite. A beautiful, fun Escapee park in the hills outside Temecula
  • Jonathon Dickinson State Park Jupiter Beach Florida. Miles of biking and hiking trails in a gorgeous state park. We liked it so much we went there twice
  • Palms RV Resort Yuma, Arizona New, full of activity park. Extremely well done. Very classy. definitely 5 star


  • El Zorro Trailer Park On the Coasta Esmerelda (Emerald coast) of Mexico. We were there twice too. The second time we had the park to ourselves. We parked our motorhome right next to the pool and the pool deck served as our patio. sweet!
  • Betty’s RV Park Abbeville Louisiana. Every afternoon at about 4 Betty hosts happy hour and serves a homemade local dish. During the social she keeps you up to date on all the local happenings. One of only 2 parks we have been where, as we left, we were thanked for coming.


  • Canyon Vistas RV Resort Gold Canyon ,  Arizona. this park is 5 star all the way.
  • Lost Dutchman State Park  Apparently we like this area. You can stare at the Superstition mountains and then you  can hike them forever in this state park.


I also have a few honorable mentions that I want to mention. they include Capital City RV Park, Montgomery Alabama, probably the best designed rv park I’ve ever been in and friendly people too.

Oak Plantation Campground Charleston SC. the only other park out of the hundreds we’ve been to where someone made a special effort to thanks us for our visit. As you can tell, little things like that mean a lot .

 Walmart. They are always there for us. Even when the signs say “No Overnight Parking” they always say (because we always ask) “Come on in, relax”.

And I will never forget the Condado Auto Hotel and Trailer Park, Cerro Azul, Mexico.In Mexico an auto-hotel is a drive up whore house. This one had some electrical hook ups in the field out back. It also had a muddy area that I got our coach stuck in. We (yes, Marilyn, Buster and Angel) were there three days before we finally got pulled out. Tell me now; who else do you know who got their coach stuck behind a house of ill repute?

Anybody else out there who took their wife and dogs to a Bordello lately?

What’s your favorite park? Why? got a story to share? I’m all ears.

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

6 thoughts on “Our Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. He seemed to forget the one we are in. Harbour Lakes, Port Charlotte. Will come back here in a heart beat.

  2. Almost every park we visit we like, each one for a different reason, the area, the staff, the sites, the people we meet there in our more that 8 years fulltime. Being able to life this lifestyle is my favorite.

  3. Have to agree with the 2 on your list we have been at. 50 point where we started our adventure and Jonathan Dickenson State Park where we are sitting having coffee at this moment. Again great people, young couple in early 30s from Toronto across from us. They full times for 5 years and now 6months in Toronto and 6 on the road..good stories around fire last night. Hope all is well.

  4. You silly little duckling! You don’t just drive up. Each unit in the ‘auto-hotel” has an attached single garage unit either out front of the bedroom or sometimes downstairs. In the nice ones the “customers” can drive up, the garage door closes, they step out of their unit, and we can only guess what happens after that because there is not enough room in the garage area for a 38’ coach. I never got out to the front of this one to actually watch the process but from out back in the field we could see that they sure did a lot of laundry.

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