Our New Wifi Antenna

So, we were out this weekend in our new coach with about 100 things we wanted to try. The first test went very well. The freezer makes great ice cubes and the fridge cools beer very quickly. One of the other important, but not as important tasks was to check out our new Radio Labs Wifi Antenna. You can see it in the picture I posted yesterday. See the pole to the left? Just to the right of that is a white antenna, that’s it. Right next to the TV antenna. Anyway, so I booted up our laptop and tried to connect to Wifi. Nothing, Zero, Nada. Our computer could detect no signal. As I plugged in the antenna I got 5 bars, just like I was sitting right next to someone’s router. Their site was secure so I couldn’t use it but I certainly had the strength. I paid attention when we were travelling this winter; there was almost always an unsecured site that I could find, it was usually too weak to really use though. I would suggest that unless we are really out in the boonies, we now will have someones Wifi at least 3/4s of the time. Now I just need to remember to put it down before I drive under  low trees. Hey Mar, I just found another pink job: Remind me to put the wifi antenna down before we take off.