Yesterday afternoon, after doing chores around our coach and  our yard, we went for a bit of a drive. You know, a cruise to see what had changed over the winter. Apparently going for a drive is not something you do any more. On the way home I  stopped to fuel the truck. As the numbers on the pump kept wizzing upwards I kept looking around to make sure I really was driving the truck, not our motorhome. I didn’t think my memory was very good anymore but I certainly can remember when $101.96 would have have filled my 130 gallon (494 litre) motorhome fuel tank, not my 75 litre truck tank.

Oh well, these days fuel prices are a lot like waves  on the ocean, they rise, they fall.

Later, as we walk around 50 Point we spy this little beauty. In spite of all the freezing  crappy, soggy weather we’ve had here in the last month or so this little guy perservered, he just kept doing what he was doing. Like the flower you see above we awoke this morning still breathing, still smiling and still loving. Hopefully you did too. I’m not sure who makes those decisions on our behalf, who says whether we live or whether we die but I do know he or she or they are certainly looking after Larry and I thank them for it.

I hope your Easter was as good as my Easter.


2 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Yike,s I know the price of fuel is crazy we should of stayed in Maz. oh well we will park the Mtr. home after we get everything fixed (warrenty) and drive the little 5 speed tow car..Still looking for eggs and not Kitty,s!! Cheer,s!!! Susie

  2. Gotta love Canada expensive fuel, booze and high taxes, but we have free health care! Like our little car only 40 liter gas tank and gets good mileage. Have not had to fill it yet. But the weather is getting much better! e move our coach but not too far.

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