One Month In Mexico

What's more Mexican than Salsa and Guacamole? Cold Beer and Tequila

What’s more Mexican than Salsa and Guacamole? Cold Beer and Tequila. That’s what!

It’s been a month today since we rolled into the Tres Amigos RV Park on Isla de la Piedra (that’s Stone Island to us gringos) and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said we have been having a good time.

From the negative point of view, getting to Stone Island in itself is a voyage.  While they are working on the road, the 8 or 10 mile drive (they call it the 2 beer road) in from the highway to the park takes at least an hour, and that would be on a good day. And when you get here, unless you are in the front row, it’s kind of like visiting a very sandy, dirty parking lot with service posts scattered around.

On the positive side however, we are less than 50′ from the beach, a beautiful uninhabited 10 mile stretch of beautiful (did I mention its Beautiful?) sand bordered by a Coconut Palm plantation (some say more than a million trees) on one side and the warm Pacific Ocean lapping on the other. Most morning temperatures are in the low 60’s and by happy hour it’s usually approaching 80F (close to 30C).

Guess why Mazatlan is famous for it's sunsets?

Guess why Mazatlan is famous for it’s sunsets?

With 50 or 60 fellow North American RVers (almost all Canucks) around us, there are always lots of good times.

We walk the beach or hike to the lighthouse (a 10 mile round trip walk by the time we go in to Mazatlan for breakfast) or we bike ride the Malecon, a friendly 13 mile concrete boardwalk between the ocean and the City. With regular 10 mile walks and 26 mile bike rides you will appreciate the need for long happy hours with MUCHO cold Cerveza as well. We are busy!

Most of all though, Marilyn and I love Old Town Mazatlan, a few hundred year old colonial Mexican city.

Which reminds me: On the first Friday of every month they have an amazing Art Walk in the historic area and a bunch of us are going tonight. I have some chores I need to look after before we catch a water taxi to town.

I think Mazatlan should be famous for it's sunrises too.

I think Mazatlan should be famous for it’s sunrises too.

I thank you all for the read. Especially you Tracy.

I cant close without a quote so with a little help from Goodreads:

“There is no final destination to our journey.” – Raphael Zernoff