One Very Funny Guest Post

I mentioned yesterday that when we leave TLC Wolf River Resort we are planning on hanging out at Hollywood Casino near Bay St Louis for a night.

When good friends Brian and Glenda Deakin read  the post Glenda commented offering a way to enjoy the dinner buffet for just $5 each. “Tell me more” I asked.

She responded that when you check into their RV Park you are given coupons for the deal on the buffet and then she went on to say

“Lots of activity here  at Pensacola Beach RV Resort during the month of February.

  • As we mentioned, a fire in the dumpster (one of the campers dumped their campfire embers in the dumpster because the only other container available  labeled “barbecue briquets only”) then later that same day an explosion at the plaza next door ( I think a backhoe dug up a gas pipe)
  • Stacy’s awning flew over her camper. Cowboy (Stacy’s good friend/boy friend) came over to help fix it and now has a broken leg and is on crutches
  • Another neighbor had his roof punctured by a fly away awning from the RV next to him
  • Mardi Gras was excellent, a 2 hour parade and lots of revelers

March is starting out pretty good also

  • the island is filling up with March Break families and university kids
  • Someone stole 5 bicycles and a bicycle cover from RV’s in the park. The thieves were somewhat kind. They stole 2 new bikes from our neighbor but returned one that they had stolen earlier.

Luckily Brian had our bikes locked to the picnic table. We were pleased that they did not need a barbecue as ours was readily available.

There is now a security truck patrolling at night”

Thanks Glenda. Great post.


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