On The Road. Again.

We are speaking with you this morning from beautiful Fresno California, the largest city in inland California.

We had a great time with Donna, David and son Scot in Sacramento but you know how it is, once you get that damn travelling in your blood, staying anywhere for long makes ya a little edgy. As you can see, even the dogs were ready to hit the road.

As I mentioned the other day, during our visit in Sacramento we were parked on the street next to Donna and Dave’s. That means two things: One, we weren’t quite level and two, no slides out. So yesterday afternoon when we arrived here, Marilyn wasted no time in celebrating, getting the slides out and enjoying all the space.

I guess it takes a few days living with the slides in once in a while just to appreciate how much room we really have when we are all set up.

While here in Fresno for a day or two we hope Marilyn will finish her latest painting and there’s talk of checking out the local zoo. Maybe tomorrow I can update you on whether either of those things happen. It’s not uncommon for us to plan one thing and then do something completely different.

And remember, “A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory”.


3 thoughts on “On The Road. Again.

  1. Mar looks like she’s breathing a ‘big’ sigh of relief..and I’m sure she is…Angel and Buster must have missed the wide open space also. Excited to see where you folks land next..as for the zoo??? Rick has informed me that we must check out zoos once on the road..were you two scheming behind my back? have a super week…

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