On A Run

Looks like Wednesday is a big day for lot’s of us here in Mazatlan. For Mar and I it’s a run, for a few thousand gringo cruising tourists it’s their opportunity to explore the sights of our city and for the local merchants it’s a great opportunity to garner a few US dollars for  el ninos y Navidad. The number of cruises stopping in Mazatlan is apparently down a bunch this year, a combination of the US economy and all the bad press and the locals are hurting. They need some business. Let’s wish everyone a great day!

Look who’s back!  We haven’t seen any policemen on the Isla until now. Word has it that the  village elders decided that since there was no crime on the island, there was no need for Policia so they stopped paying them and they all went back to Mazatlan. I would think they are back to appease us Gringos. I know I always feel a little safer when I see the cops around.

This little guy sits in front of this fence all day, everyday. Isn’t he a cutie?  Everytime we pass I stop say hello and offer him a pet. Now after a couple of weeks of that  he doesn’t move away much anymore but he still won’t let me touch him.  We’re here for 2 or 3 months yet. We’ll be buddies before we leave.

And that’s some of what we did on our run this morning. That and sweat: It’s hot here again today!

4 thoughts on “On A Run

  1. Hi Marilyn and Larry: Just wanted to let you know we will not be coming to Stone Island tonight. We were not thinking properly the other night, because we don’t leave the Riu until Thursday. We will see you another time. Have fun tonight!!

  2. It was probably just a brain fart. I hear it happens quite a bit to you older people. Don’t sweat it though; I almost had one once.

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